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Reach those Goals

When you SEE your Progress you'll stay focused and motivated!

5 Steps to Crush Your Money Goals

Step 1: Get a chart

Step 2: Print it and fill in your numbers

Step 3: Color in your chart up to the new balance every month

Step 4: Feel the weight lifting!

Step 5: WIN! & Repeat

Why Chart your Goals?

See your Progress

Too often we focus on how far we have to go and don't even realize how far we've come. Seeing the whole picture of your progress inspires you to keep going.

Make better Choices

It's surprisingly motivating to know that saving just a few dollars means you can color in another space on your chart! You'll be more intentional with your money.

Stick to your Goals and WIN!

When you see your progress, and make better choices, you're on your way to reaching your goals faster than ever before! 

Join our Worldwide Family

Debt Free Charts have been used by over 150,000 people from 143 countries, and we'd love for you to be part of our world!

Hi! I'm Heidi

I'm thrilled that you are here! I just love helping people like you make a game out of your goals so that you can have fun along the way, stick to your goals, and finally WIN with money and create the life of your dreams! So grab some charts and get started today!

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Love them!

We absolutely love these charts and use them for lots of things

Starter Emergency Fund
Phyllis Hutchinson

I printed off a chart to track my Emergency Fund. It’s motivating for me to color in a line for each $20 I put in to build my fund! I use different colored bright markers, so it’s pretty, too!

I like them, they are cute

I Paid off my Credit Card
Tammy Stevenson
I paid off my credit cards

Love these printable pages. I am a visual person and it helps to keep me motivated watching my debts decrease.

Ivon sanchez
fun charts

I loved the charts. I downloaded a couple since I am dedicated to tackle my debt and build my emergency fund.