*** The 2020 Money Challenge Year is HERE ***

5 Steps to Crush Debt

Step 1: Get a chart

Step 2: Print it and fill in your numbers

Step 3: Color in your chart up to the new balance every month

Step 4: Feel the weight lifting!

Step 5: WIN! & Repeat

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Taking them down to colour each fortnight is seriously the BEST THING EVER.


Been going nuts looking for these and they’re finally mine! All printed and ready 🤗 These are perfect for a visual learner/worker like myself, thank you so much! 💓


Thank you for creating these! They’re a big motivator! I can’t wait to start using them!!

Olivia Simmons

Hi! I'm Heidi

There is nothing I enjoy more than helping people like you get fired up to pay off debts and make positive financial changes so that you can finally WIN with money! So grab some free charts and get started today!

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