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Debt Free Land
Debt Free Land
Debt Free Land

Debt Free Land

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Make a game of your Debt Free Journey with this Game Style chart (reminds me of a childhood candy game, am I right?)

This chart has 100 spaces to fill in as you pay off your debts, so each space equals 1% of the total.

This is meant to use as a total debt payoff chart, but I suppose you could use it for individual debts too.

Total debt goes at the top, then divide into 1/4s and put those amounts at the signposts.

You can do a different color for every debt that is paid off, or a color for each month or year, or whatever you like.

This one is especially good for getting the kids interested in the journey.

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Customer Reviews

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Libby Dyar
Great for Dave Ramsey baby steps

My goal is to continue paying off credit cards. Seeing my debt with a beginning and an end keeps me motivated and gives me a sense of relief that there is an end.

Melissa Nagar
Beautiful and Fun

I wanted a chart that would get me excited about working through the tail end of my debt free journey and this does the job!

Elizabeth Clarkson
Love these charts

These are the perfect motivator to keep going. Without the visual I just flounder around and take forever but seeing this every day has made such a difference. Thanks for the free charts

Love these charts!!

It's so satisfying to see your debt disappearing before your eyes!! I look forward to coloring in squares each month as I get closer and closer to my goal of being debt-free!!! Thank you for creating these, I love them!!

Rosenda Roadruck
Great charts!

Great charts for visual people. Ordered these charts for my daughter to help her visually see changes she is making. Sometimes when follow Dave Ramsey baby steps, it can be a long process. This helps to keep you motivated!


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Credit Card
Irene Amador
Debt free charts

I love the charts . I’m a visual learner .So It really helps to see my progress . I would recommend the charts to anyone of my friends . I really like that they are free . Thank you so much .

Absolutely wonderful and so easy to use!!!!

I've only been using the debt free chart for a little while - but OMG, it has really been a helpful too and shows me that I spend way more than I have and why and where I keep going into debt!!!! Absolutely wonderful!!!!

Visa chart

I'm a person who loves to see progress visibly and this chart helps me to see my end goal and keeps me motivated!! I think these charts are absolutely brilliant, love them.

I Paid Off -Blank-
Melanie Velez
Best Trackers ever!

This tracker is so exciting to use. And helps me visually see how much I’m saving

I Paid off my Credit Card