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I Paid off my Student Loan Tracking Chart

I Paid off my Student Loan Tracking Chart

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Ready, set, GO! Stay fired up to pay off those pesky student loans by making a game out of it! Who knew you could actually have a little fun while paying off student loans?

There are 100 spaces on this chart, so simply divide your goal amount by 100 to determine how much the value of each space is.

This is a digital download, you get immediate access, and can print as many times as you like. Nothing will be shipped.

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Debt Free Charts

I found out about your debt free charts from the Dave Ramsey show. I came across a Dave Ramsey clip of a couple that just paid off over $100,000 in debt. They spoke about their journey towards financial freedom and the husband mentioned that his wife used a worksheet called “debtris”. She’d color in the blocks when they paid extra towards their debt. The show actually showed the worksheet with all the blocks colored in. I paused the video and took a screen grab. From there, I was able to find your site and was then able to download debtris and a few other worksheets for my other debts (credit card, student loan, and for one each consumer debt). Let’s say I got hooked on your worksheets. I tried creating worksheets on my own without much success, but these were the worksheets I absolutely needed. I like the visuals and being able to color in the blocks as I pay extra towards my debt. They help keep me on track and motivated. I do plan on framing the debris worksheet once I pay off all my debt ($75,000). I want it to be a reminder of what I overcame and won’t ever get myself into again.

Carol Creighton
I paid off my student loans tracker

This is so helpful when you feel like you will never get to the end. Having a colored picture helps you see your progress and makes you want to keep going!


Great free resource.

Inelda Hernandez
Motivated me to keep going

Motivated me to keep going and easy to use.

Johanna Kindell

I Paid off my Student Loan Tracking Chart


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motivational charts

I love this online store, I purchased free and paid charts. I am in love with them.

IRS Tax tracker

I love it!! It keeps me on track to pay off this debt. I use other forms from this company and it is so nice to see the progress and to celebrate completion of debts!!

I love these charts for training my debt snowball!

Perfect if you like visual progress

I like this simple tracking sheet to help us see how much we are paying off each month. It’s more exciting coloring in another line and visually seeing progress vs just numbers. How far you’ve come vs. how far left you have to go.

The charts are easy to use and a great visual way to track your progress. Plus it allows for ups and downs. After all, life happens.