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I Paid Off -Blank- Tracking Chart
I Paid Off -Blank- Tracking Chart

I Paid Off -Blank- Tracking Chart

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The most popular style of chart is now available with a blank spot so now you can fill in whatever it is you are paying off!

There are 100 spaces on this chart, so simply divide your goal amount by 100 to determine how much the value of each space is.


This is a digital download, you get immediate access, and can print as many times as you like. Nothing will be shipped.

All products on this site are for your personal use only.

Thank you for using Debt Free Charts, and I wish you well on your journey to debt freedom!

Customer Reviews

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Cindy M
Simple Gift

I really appreciate the freebie payoff chart and recommend checking out the paid items, too. We're on the last stretch of paying off our mortgage, and each of the 100 little squares represents $400 more gone. I'm coloring the regular payments red and the additional ones we can squeeze in will be green--very motivational!

Naomi G.
Really helpful and satisfying chart

I was delighted to find this debt-payment tracker offered for free! I searched through a lot of options and was really happy to find this one, which is exactly what I needed. By breaking the debt I'm focusing on paying off into 100 squares and providing markers along the way at regular intervals, I find that I am motivated to find ways to color in the squares! Breaking a big debt into little pieces, and then being able to color in those pieces as I go, gives such a satisfying and uplifting energy to the debt repayment process. I've been so positively motivated that in just the first week, I paid off nearly 25% of this debt that had felt impossible and overwhelming! I would recommend this tracker highly to anyone whose brain is like mine--satisfied and motivated by doing lots of little bits and visually seeing them filled in on the chart--as a way of accomplishing a bigger goal. There's just something really satisfying about all of it--the size and shape of the squares, the font, the way the goal is at the top and you work toward it. Thank you to Heidi for this creative, fun chart that makes paying off my debt actually feel like a fun game!


Sorry I haven't started it yet getting all my stuff together to go hard starting January 😅

Love all of the debt free charts

They are fun. Motivating. And I used them in therapy with clients who are trying to get a hold of finances. Win win for me.

Yvonne Kearney
Savings and Debt trackers

I love the collection of savings and debt trackers, makes saving more fun and it’s a good motivator!


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This keeps me going and thankful for it

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Otoniel Aguirre
Keeping me on track!

I printed them out and have them both laminated to use a expo to color each square.


Charts like these are great for me so I can see the process im making easily Would def recommend

Love it

Those are so good love that I can see how I’m doing with my debt