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Spending Tracker
Spending Tracker
Spending Tracker
Spending Tracker

Spending Tracker

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Overwhelmed and don’t know where to start with getting your money in order?

Or finding that you’re still overspending and you can’t seem to stop?

I created this new FREE Spending Tracker for you!

What’s unique with this tracker are the columns for WHY you made the purchase, and for marking whether the purchase was a Need vs. a Want, and Planned vs. Unplanned.

I’ve also included a section at the bottom to categorize and tally up the totals for each category. At the end of each week color code your categories (however you like, just be consistent week to week) and total them up to see where you tend to have higher spending and where you could do some adjusting.

I like highlighting each category in a different color, it not only organizes the info but helps you to see patterns too.

I save red for marking the wants and unplanned spends, and green for marking the needs and planned spends. The goal is to have as few double red spends as possible, and note the unplanned needs, those items might be an indicator of a sinking fund you need to start.

Use one tracker a week for four weeks and see with new clarity where (and why)your money leaks are happening.

Or continue to use every week as part of your budgeting system.

Print this tracker and carry with you to record your spending every week.

The main goal for this chart at the beginning is simply awareness.

As you keep tracking your spending work on having less and less of the unplanned purchases and the wants.

Learn about why you spend and notice patterns.

Use what you learn to help you plan your budget.


The PDF comes with the Instructional page.

This is a digital download, you get immediate access, and can print as many times as you like. Nothing will be shipped.

All products on this site are for your personal use only.


Customer Reviews

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Rebecca Price
Debt Free Charts

Love love love these! Great for incentives with goals!

clare kennedy
beautiful he;pful product

so tankful to have found this. it is making it easier and more exciting for us to monitor our savings.

V from UK
Top Rating - small tweak away from perfection.

Hi - loved this spending tracker chart so much I am using it rather than TBM's this month - love the context (did you need / want it, what prompted you to buy it). BUT one small improvement which would greatly improve the usability for me is if at the bottom instead of just totals spent there was a total spent per category, what the budget for the period was per category and how much of that budget you have left!

Love that idea! I’m not sure I could fit it in though, it’s already a tight page and I don’t want to reduce the number of lines for expenses. I will keep it in mind though! ❤️

Love the system!

I love using your sheets! It really helps keep me on track. I have been on a debt journey for several years and this year I'm buckling down. I'm using it to keep me accountable! I use the sheets in Goodnotes and fill them in on my iPad. I love I can print them or go digital

Gabrielle Schenk
Increase your motivation of saving through tracking and coloring

I have recommended these charts to several family members and mentioned them many times to friends. As soon as my kids saw me filling out my first one they were motivated to save their money as well and have been doing an excellent job at it. I am very grateful that some resources are free and freeing up so many people from their own personal financial hardships and struggles. Thank you! This spending tracker was especially helpful for my vacation expenses to track them afterwards.


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she duck
Love it

Working through debt with your teen has never been more fun! Thank you.

Debt Free Charts

Love them! So good to see my progress when the leaves are coloured in!

Love that this one has 200 spaces

I really like that this one has 200 spaces. I have had a Dave Ramsey chart hanging on my refrigerator for 7 years but you don't get to update the mortgage payoff very often. I downloaded this one because every house payment is one block right now. It helps to make progress you can see EVERY SINGLE MONTH. Thank you for this incentive!

Stupid Tax
Awesome chart

I was very sad to use this chart because my tax really is stupid, but I love that I can track my progress so easily. It makes me feel good to know that I'm getting rid of the stupid tax!

Debt Free Chart
Darlene Tremblay
Love the charts

Printed out a few and couldn’t wait to start using them.
They were designed very well.
Thank you for creating them.