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100 Doodles to Disney

100 Doodles to Disney

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The whole family will have fun saving for a trip to Disney with this Doodle chart. From ice cream to mouse shaped pretzels, from glass slippers to tea cups, this chart has a little bit of everything, while not getting too close to trademarks.

This one created quite a stir on Instagram when I showed the work in progress:

"Omg I need this!!"

"Theese are so adorable ❤️❤️❤️"

"This. Is. Awesome!"

"these are so cute!! I can’t wait"

"Omg omg omg!!!!!! I can’t wait for this one!"


Plus there are actually a lot of uses for this chart:

  • Saving for a Disney trip
  • Countdown to a Disney trip
  • Saving for a Disney Cruise
  • Shopping at the Disney store
  • Saving for Annual Passes
  • or just a fun savings chart for anyone who loves all things Disney

What will you use it for?

Customer Reviews

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So much fun to save

This is great for my kids to learn how to save for a goal - even better it is Disney themed and that’s what they’re saving for.


I have been loving this chart to save up for my Disney vacation. It is so satisfying Being able to color in the doodles as my money grows. Lol.

Love this!

I use this for a lot of savings goals because it allows me to bring Disney and fun into something that sometimes doesn’t feel quite so fun! I just put my goal at the top and then start colouring away!


I love the Disney! I am using this one for my dream trip to Disney World and and other for Disneyland!!! Can’t wait to hit goal!
They are so cute!!


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Debt free charts.

I loved them so much. Thank you! I owe the IRS. A bankruptcy trustee, several other bills I have accrued as well using my older Childrens credit. This has helped me out so much! You are truly a Godsend!

Very Cute and Encouraging for RRSP

I have never thought about this kind of chart for RRSP and TFSA before but these charts amazing. Fun way to keep track and control your retirement in a fun way. Thank you for that Heidi

Needs additions/modifications

Over all, the charts are very helpful, and fun!! But there is quite a bit of redundancy (2 or 3 different charts for the same things). There are some I wil probably not ever use at all. I would really have liked a chart or 'map' that is specifically for Weight Loss, instead I had to use the one labeled 'Healthy Habits". In addition, I had to source a page off the internet for recording body measurements, which is not included in this package. I also modified a couple of the charts for my own purposes and goals. Definitely worth the money, since I can reprint whichever charts I want. I have recommended them to others, because I do find them motivating and inspiring.

Debt Free Chart