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Discover Card Tracking Chart
Discover Card Tracking Chart
Discover Card Tracking Chart

Discover Card Tracking Chart

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Pay off those credit cards from smallest balance to largest. Don't be tempted to pay off the card with the big balance and high interest rate first. That may sound logical, but you are more likely to lose your momentum when the number is big and you don't see quick progress. Getting out of debt isn't about Math, it's about Momentum.

Both the Original black background and the Outline versions are included, you get both automatically! 

Customer Reviews

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Shakara Hart
Love it!

I love the visual debt free trackers. It’s a fun way to record and track your progress

Maria Rivera
Great tool to have!!

I just love my Discover Card chart. I feel more in control.

Christina Butler
Exactly what I needed!

Thank you so much for this chart! I especially like how the tick lines are on the right side.... spaced in a way that my dollar amounts are not crammed in. This is exactly the motivation I needed. This also makes it easy when my husband wants to talk money - I can just point to the chart! Thank you again!

Stephanie Allison
Great for goal setting

I love to visualize my goals and this chart breaks it down. I love how easy they are to use.

Monica Garcia
Great visual aid

This was a great freebie, just what I needed


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Love using these charts

I have been using the debt free chart which has been great. It motivates me to keep going and fill in the letters. I actually colour them in digitally and it's really easy to do. Have also used them for weight loss as well. Thanks.

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katherine bittner

debt free chaRTS ARE GREAT!!

Great to help keep me motivated!

I Saved my Starter Emergency Fund Tracking Chart

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Teresa G. Driskill
Great idea

I had not thought about using this until I seen "The Boss House" budgeting video. Actually, I love a lot of your printables to help keep me on track. But seeing the visuals and making it fun, helps keep me motivated.