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Debt Free Tracking Chart
Debt Free Tracking Chart
Debt Free Tracking Chart
Debt Free Tracking Chart

Debt Free Tracking Chart

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Make getting out of debt actually FUN with this FREE chart! 
"Thank you for making this boring adult stuff so fun and encouraging!" @onelittlehappy on Instagram
This is the original Debt Free chart I created for myself back in 2008.

I use this one along with whatever debt is currently on the chopping block, and post them side by side on my fridge. It can be overwhelming to see such little progress if you are starting with a whopper of a debt mountain, so using another chart for whatever individual debt is currently being worked on is a great help.

It takes a fair amount of bravery to fill in the numbers on this chart and post it in plain view. If this one becomes discouraging instead of encouraging to you, put it away for a while, and come back to fill in your progress after 6 months or every time you knock out an individual debt.

Both the Original black background and the Outline versions are included, you get both automatically! 


Customer Reviews

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Cassidy N
Makes something not so fun…FUN!

I love the visual reminder & representation of my hard work through the debt free charts. It makes something not so fun like budgeting & keeping track of debt actually fun! Highly recommend downloading & printing off this simple, easy to use tracker.

Yvette Allen

Debt Free Tracking Chart

Robin Rouse

Loved very much

Kristen Macdonald
5 stars

Great way to visualise you knocking debt down

Linda Gilmore
Love the charts

Charts are helpful for visualizing progress toward financial goals in a fun relaxing way.


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Debt Free Charts

This is by far the best website to find savings charts from. You won't be disappointed!

Love my charts.

Paid Off! Tracking Chart

Love it really helpful

These trackers was very helpful to me in my journey to a debt life

Amazing, I love it!

I love this book and the charts. It helps keep me on track to paying off debt and saving money. I would absolutely recommend it and I have recommended it to family and friends.