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Vet Bills Tracking Chart
Vet Bills Tracking Chart
Vet Bills Tracking Chart

Vet Bills Tracking Chart

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Animal care is expensive, and usually not planned for. Use this FREE printable chart to pay off those vet bills, and you can even use it for a sinking fund and save up a little at a time for future pet needs. 


Both the Original black background and the Outline versions are included, you get them both automatically! 

This is a digital download, you get immediate access, and can print as many times as you like. Nothing will be shipped.

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Customer Reviews

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Wolf Adami
Lovely and helpful

I‘m so glad I stumbled upon Heidi‘s wonderful charts. Being 45 I grew up in the analog era and while being a tech aficionado I still tend to lean towards pen & paper first. This made it difficult to keep an eye on my finances with spreadsheet apps or other budgeting apps. I need the first step with writing things down by hand.
Heidi‘s lovely and creatively designed and well thought out charts close the gap for me.
I didn’t print them, though, in order to save paper. What I do is that I use them in my favourite note taking app Defter Notes which supports spatial thinking. Thanks to the charts to tackle my financial situation has become fun and a breeze to do. I‘m still discovering all the possibilities and working with the charts for me is also a way to explore my own creativity and spend some relaxing and meaningful time. A little colour and some digital stickers do a lot to bring joy and I lost my fear of not being able to get out of debts.
Since using Heidi‘s charts I already noticed my buying habits changed for the better, I‘m way more conscious about where the money flows and if I really need a purchase or not.
When I tracked my budget properly with them I later put the numbers into an app to recheck and having like a doubled net.
To me the investment in the charts is worth every penny and I appreciate the love, work and dedication that Heidi put into them. I highly recommend them to everyone who might be a bit like me and I tend to think in order to befriend money it’s a good idea to work with products which help you to feel comfortable and good when dealing with your finances. Sure a simple spreadsheet would be enough but they’re rather boring and intimidating. The Debt Free Charts give me the idea that I‘m in control and that I can take responsibility.
I’m grateful for them and already look forward to buy other charts by Heidi as soon as I can afford them.
I hope my review helps other people to take the plunge and get a grip on their own financial situation. May you all be well and blessed, Wolf from Germany

Tim Alberth

Vet Bills

Kelsey Strong
It worked

I am actually using it for vet bill savings, but it works.

Jessica Byers-Denton
Helpful for yearly expense tracking

This chart inspired me to calculate what we spend on our pets each year. I was able to create a sinking fund and this chart really helps me confirm we are on track for the year to pay cash and not use a card like we have in the past.


When my indoor cat accidentally got out, he was badly injured (still unknown by what). The vet visits, overnight stays, oxygen, everything!! Added up to nearly $3,000. I did not have that money on me at all and had to ask my friends to donate anything to help me pay it off (I couldn't be accepted for a loan as I did not have any credit). I paid as much as I could, my friends donated, and my mother ended up paying the rest! Although none of them wanted to be paid back, I was so appreciative and wanted to. This chart helped me to pay every single person back (except my mum, hers was the biggest and I am still getting there!). I marked the lines (individual goals) with the persons name so when I reached it, I would pay them back instantly!


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Tanya Evangelista

Master Card Tracking Chart

my new favorite way to get out of debt

all these sheets are so helpful in keeping track of your progress that is so easy to stick with it

Great trackers

I’ve really been pleased with the debt trackers that I’ve received here. It’s helpful having visual data to show my progress.

Stupid Tax chart

This is so me! We have to pay taxes every year, it is what prolongs our debt journey. To visually see us conquering one of the stupid things we have to pay feels great!

Tracking charts

I have printed them and started using them already. I am inspired