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Rock your 2018 Savings Challenge goal!


New 2019 chart coming soon!

Whether you plan to save $1 per day, $10 per day, or more, this chart will keep you fired up.

Specially made with 52 spaces to fill, one for each week of the year.

This chart features dates up the left side, so you can see at a glance where you should be with your savings at any point in the year, and, if you fall behind, where you need to catch up to in order to get back on track.

Put your total savings goal at the top right of the chart and divide by 26 to get your increment. Put $0 on the bottom line of the chart, then fill in each short line going up in increments.

For a simple example, if you plan to save $1300 for your savings challenge goal, then your increment would be $50 (1300/26=50), so starting with $0 at the bottom, the next short line up would be $50, then $100 and so on. So that each week you plan save $25.

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IRS Tax Bill Tracking Chart
Susan Carton-Lopez
Love it!

My husband and I are just getting started on the journey of paying off our debts with the Ramsey baby steps. It’s a daunting process, but the Game of Loans debt payoff tracker makes it almost fun and helps keep us motivated to reach our goals. We’re also using the spending tracker because, let’s face it, not tracking our spending is how we got into this mess. Thank you so much for making these!

It’s nice and it helps me

I am from Germany and I cannot write English but I like it and love it😂

Game of Loans Tracking Chart

Great tracker!

Great tracker!

Debt Free Land Tracking Chart