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Money Games - Debt Freedom FOR COUPLES - eBook
Money Games - Debt Freedom FOR COUPLES - eBook

Money Games - Debt Freedom FOR COUPLES - eBook

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This version is nearly identical to the Money Games - Debt Freedom book, but I've changed out all the "I" charts for "We" versions. So instead of "I Saved My Starter Emergency Fund" the chart in this book says "We Saved a Starter Emergency Fund"

So it's basically the same book, but for couples!


Get ready for a book that's packed with awesome trackers to help you sort out your money mess and achieve your goals! 

Inside, you'll find all kinds of trackers to help you pay off debts, save up for emergencies, and put money aside for special occasions like Christmas, birthdays, and trips.

But here's the really cool part: "adulting" with your money can actually be fun!

This book is like a perfect marriage between a coloring book and a goal planner.

Designed for:

  • Creatives - Who are inspired by beautiful colors and pretty designs
  • Visual people - Who need to see it in a picture 
  • Hands-on people - Who need something physical to do
  • Free-Spirits - When numbers just aren’t your jam
  • Competitive people - who must win the game once started
  • Parents - To get the kids involved in a fun and understandable way
  • ADHD people - Who need a visual to help them stay focused
  • Pencil & Paper people - Who would rather track offline

You won't believe how excited you'll be to see your progress come to life on the pages of this book!

And get this: "Money Games" doesn't just get your partner on board but you can use it to teach your kids about money in a super easy and interactive way. Your whole family can work together to reach your money goals.


122 Pages in one PDF file.

54 Tracking Charts (many with Balance Trackers on the back)

What's included:

  • 2 Habit Trackers
  • 3 Starter Emergency Fund & Emergency Fund Refill
  • 15 Debt Payoff Games & Challenges- Credit Card, Car Loan, and lots that aren't labeled.
  • 34 Savings Goals & Challenges - Christmas, Birthdays, Travel, etc.
  • Instructions
  • Balance Trackers
  • Debt Payoff Worksheet
  • Emergency Fund Worksheet
  • Savings Goals Worksheet

Print individual pages as many times as you like, or use the file with your iPad/Tablet and a note-taking app like GoodNotes5.

You may still purchase this digital version if you wish, but buying the physical book is less expensive, and gets you this version FREE.


Note: The link to the printed book is an affiliate link, which means a few extra pennies from the sale will come my way.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Rebecca Fulcher
Love this book!

This book has been a game changer for how we’re viewing and approaching finances in our home! You can find a chart for anything you want to pay off or save for.


This is such a great book! It has allowed me to visualize my goal so much better and see the progress to keep on going even when I don't want to.

Gerda Jansen van Vuuren
Great Book for Newly Weds

I love that it is not domination or currency specific. There is enough page per topic and the info before each section is helpful and makes it more understandable.
The tips are also helpful and makes this a great option to choose, how to make use of each section.

It's easy to get your amount to save or each item as the total of spaces is given to you, you do not need and count them to do the math.

You can make even your kids' part of this by letting them do the coloring in part.

The only thing that I will change is to put the tracker next to the challenge, so you do not need to turn the page to update or know what is going on in your progress. Yes, this will mean an open white page in the beginning but will help.

I over all love this as there is not a lot of these to find that is not currency free or amount free. It will for sure help me to get my finances in order and get out of debt.

Suzie Samson
Beautiful and well thought out

This book is so beautiful creative and fun! It’s perfect for beginners, those in the middle of their budget journey and anyone wanting to have fun budgeting!

Kasey Howell
Love this book

I love that there is a worksheet to go along with the game. I like the coloring pages however, my husband is blind so having the info on the worksheet to explain to him is great. I don’t have to count boxes to figure it out.


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motivational charts

I love this online store, I purchased free and paid charts. I am in love with them.

IRS Tax tracker

I love it!! It keeps me on track to pay off this debt. I use other forms from this company and it is so nice to see the progress and to celebrate completion of debts!!

I love these charts for training my debt snowball!

Perfect if you like visual progress

I like this simple tracking sheet to help us see how much we are paying off each month. It’s more exciting coloring in another line and visually seeing progress vs just numbers. How far you’ve come vs. how far left you have to go.

The charts are easy to use and a great visual way to track your progress. Plus it allows for ups and downs. After all, life happens.