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Debt is Going Down
Debt is Going Down

Debt is Going Down

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Confession: I loved making Graphs in school. The nerd in me loved the organized information, the artist in me loved the visual representation of that information. So whether you are a nerd or an artistic free-spirit, tracking your debt reduction with a graph is ultra-satisfying.


The file has two pages, one with Months filled in for two years, starting with January, and a blank version so you can write in the months yourself if you prefer (and you don't have to start the chart with January).

How To:
Divide your total debt by 23 and use that increment to fill in the numbers on the left side, starting with 0 at the bottom.

So if your debt is $10,000, you divide 10,000 by 23 to get 434.78. round that to the closest whole amount, so $435 in this case. Write 0 in at the bottom of the chart, and add $435 each time you go up. When you get to the top it should be $10,000 (do it lightly in pencil first if you're unsure of your math).

Every month, plot the new balance with a dot at the intersection of that amount and the month, then connect the dots. If the balance falls between two of the amounts, just guess a dot at about the right spot between them.

If you reaaaaaly like coloring in charts, you can color in a bar up to the line each month.


There are now FOUR Graph based tracking charts, and you can get them all in a bundle herre >https://debtfreecharts.com/products/graph-your-money-bundle


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DAWN Shearer
Debt charts


Mary Jones
Slow but steady

This tracker is wonderful for those of us who like charts. The line slowly going down is a great way to see progress, no matter how slowly. A reminder of the Debt Free journey.

Jill W.
I like this one!

It’s really 5 stars but wanted to give some feedback about maybe creating a chart for a larger debt amount. For example, I used this charge to show progress on my student loan payoff and because the loan amount is 60k whenever I make a sizable payment ($1000 or more it barely moves the amount. So maybe making the columns thinner so there are more columns to fill in over time? I like this one though-it’s a keepe

A great way to see more movement is to break up big amounts over several charts. A $60k debt could be four charts each representing $15k. With this Debt is Going Down chart, you can also estimate how much you can pay off in two years, which is the 24 columns, and use that as the bottom of the chart instead of zero. Hope that helps!

Nina Moore
Debt Chart

It's a wonderful tool to use to get out of debt.

Absolutely wonderful and so easy to use!!!!

I've only been using the debt free chart for a little while - but OMG, it has really been a helpful too and shows me that I spend way more than I have and why and where I keep going into debt!!!! Absolutely wonderful!!!!


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Spending Tracker
Rebecca Price
Debt Free Charts

Love love love these! Great for incentives with goals!

IRS Tax Bill Chart

This chart helps make paying this "painful" bill a colorful challenge. Like all the charts I have used the visual progress help motivate me to stay focused on my goals. Thank you for your work.

Stephanie Gaudreau

Thank you!! Our family lives the motivation your charts provide


Great worksheets! Thank you!

Debt is Going Down
DAWN Shearer
Debt charts