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Christmas Tracking Chart
Christmas Tracking Chart
Christmas Tracking Chart

Christmas Tracking Chart

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Christmas is not an emergency or an excuse to rack up your credit card debt. It comes around every year, conveniently at the same time, so save up for it.

Track your Christmas Fund savings goal with this Christmas Tree chart and have a debt free Christmas!

This chart works for any savings goal amount and any amount of time. Set your goal amount, and as you save, color in the lines (each line represents 2% of the goal).

For more on using this chart, see the How To tab below.


Both the Original black background and the Outline versions in one file, you get both automatically!


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Customer Reviews

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Kristine Semmens
Christmas Chart

This is a great product!! We have already saved half of our Christmas goal and are very motivated to fill up the whole chart as soon as possible.

Heather Houlihan
Christmas Tracker

I love this printable and a lot of the resources from DFC

jamey gay

It's exactly what I needed to see what I have saved!

Starting my sinking funds

This chart really help visualize my sinking fund for Christmas this year!

Ashley McNamee
Can't wait to start saving

These charts are such a fun way to start saving for Christmas! It gives me a tangible way to start working towards our Christmas goals. I plan to keep it all in a separate sinking fund so it's all there as I save throughout the year!!


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Susan Carton-Lopez
Love it!

My husband and I are just getting started on the journey of paying off our debts with the Ramsey baby steps. It’s a daunting process, but the Game of Loans debt payoff tracker makes it almost fun and helps keep us motivated to reach our goals. We’re also using the spending tracker because, let’s face it, not tracking our spending is how we got into this mess. Thank you so much for making these!

It’s nice and it helps me

I am from Germany and I cannot write English but I like it and love it😂

Game of Loans Tracking Chart

Great tracker!

Great tracker!

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