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Starter Emergency Fund - Lettering
Starter Emergency Fund - Lettering

Starter Emergency Fund - Lettering

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Looking for a fun and interactive way to track your progress toward your very first emergency fund goal? Look no further than the Starter Emergency Fund - Lettering chart!

This tracker is not your ordinary savings tool - the lettering is divided into 100 pieces, ready to color in as you reach each milestone toward your emergency fund goal.

It's a printable download, so you can start tracking your progress right away!

The Starter Emergency Fund - Lettering chart is designed with clear and legible lettering, making it easy to fill in each piece as you save towards your emergency fund.

With each piece you color in, you'll feel more and more accomplished, knowing that you're making real progress toward your financial security.

Want to save $1000? Then each piece = $10. Want to save $2000? Then the pieces are $20, and so on. Simple and effective!

When an emergency happens (they always do) and you have to use some of your Starter Emergency Fund, no worries. That's what it's for! When the emergency is over, print another chart and track as you fill it back up, or use the Emergency Fund Refill chart.

And the best part? It's FREE! Start tracking your way to financial freedom today!

Customer Reviews

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Dee Tremblay

Adding these charts have made a big difference to my savings. Filling in the blocks just wants me to save more money every paycheck.

Yolanda Perez

I have been enjoying the free charts and really appreciate it. Thank you


Love the lettering. This is helping me save $1000. Each space seems so big yet it only takes $10 to make progress. Very rewarding thanks.

Carisse Jack

Starter Emergency Fund - Lettering

Tara Mathews
Handy and Helpful

The debt free charts are super handy and simple to use. When it comes to paying down debt, it's helpful to have a visual for some extra motivation!


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Susan Carton-Lopez
Love it!

My husband and I are just getting started on the journey of paying off our debts with the Ramsey baby steps. It’s a daunting process, but the Game of Loans debt payoff tracker makes it almost fun and helps keep us motivated to reach our goals. We’re also using the spending tracker because, let’s face it, not tracking our spending is how we got into this mess. Thank you so much for making these!

It’s nice and it helps me

I am from Germany and I cannot write English but I like it and love it😂

Game of Loans Tracking Chart

Great tracker!

Great tracker!

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