Get Growing Tracking Chart
Get Growing Tracking Chart

Get Growing Tracking Chart

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Sometimes just having your goals be cute really helps!

Use these five little plants for five big goals that you'll track all year, or for five smaller goals you have each month, or even one big goal all together.

Each little plant has 20 leaves, that is 100 leaves in total. So you can even use this for one big goal if you like.

There are three distinct spaces for each little plant to write in the individual goals, the flower pot, the top rim of the flower pot, and under the bottom, there is even a fourth spot if you count the saucer (but that would require tiny writing ;P)

You can write in what you are saving for, the total goal amount, and the individual leaf amount (there are 20 leaves per plant).


This is a digital download, you get immediate access, and can print as many times as you like. Nothing will be shipped.

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Jeannette Blanford

Get Growing Tracking Chart

I like it :)

I hope I will grow faster :)

Michelle M.
A fun way to stay on task

I absolutely love all my DebtFreeCharts!
Through the years, I have used many to reach milestones, set goals and even calculate sinking funds. I highly recommend these charts for a fun way to stay on task.

Rowana Embers
A great help on your debt-free journey

--- or at least it is for me. After my divorce, I had lost track on who i owned what and why, now i have printed out a tracker for each creditor, and finally on the path to be debt-free.

zaira teichert

I made a goal wall for the entire family and used the charts to inspire all the family members. When they saw the charts everyone got really excited and are very diligent in their goals thanks to it.


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Great store

AMX Chart

I used this chart to color code every box until my bill was paid! I used 4 colors I new when I got to the color Green …I was in the money and done!!! I love all of the charts I ordered!

Spending Tracker
Linnea Moore
Helpful for Tracking Wants and Needs

I have tried other spending trackers and found that just saying amounts wasn't all that helpful- for me to have to justify my purchases to myself as wants and needs has been helpful in reducing unwanted, unplanned purchases. I can't wait to see how this helps long term!


Classic Charts Bundle
Jasmine Brechtefeld

I love the charts! Keeps me focus on my goals!