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I'm sharing with you the Weekly Spending Tracker from my Big Finance Pack FREE!

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Weekly Spending Tracker

This is the page that sent me down a new path of other printable pages, and is still one of my very favorites.

The reason I love this page? The "Why" column, and the last two N/W and P/U columns.

Writing down WHY you spent the money can give you great insight into what's going on when you overspend.

N/W is Need/Want and P/U is Planned/Unplanned. When your sheet has multiple items that are Unplanned Wants, that's likely an issue that needs attention.

Unplanned Needs are probably a good indicator of a sinking fund that needs to be started.

Click here to download the Weekly Spending Tracker.

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How to Use this Weekly Spending Tracker

Take it with you

Simply carry this with you and record your spending as it happens. Do include your bills that get paid too.

Note WHY you spent

The WHY column, if you are honest with yourself, will help you see the truth about your spending patterns.
When I am tired, or grumpy, or hungry, I tend to spend more out of convenience. But sometimes I spend out of boredom, or feeling like I need a "treat". 
Don't use this column to be judgmental of yourself, but simply to notice patterns and be aware.

Note whether it was Planned or not

In the P/U column, write a P if you planned to spend this money, and write a U if this purchase was Unplanned.

Note whether it was Needed or not

In the N/W column, write a N if the purchase was a Need (necessary), and a W if the purchase was a Want (unnecessary).

Like the Why column, please don't be too hard on yourself here. Use this to learn, and make changes to get your spending in line with what you truly want.

If you find you have a lot of U/N purchases, that might be a good indication of a Sinking Fund to start.

Spending Tracker how to


Categorize by Color

Write in your typical categories for your budget here, and then color code them each with a different highlighter. Go through the Spending list and highlight each category you spent in. At the end of the week, tally up how much you spent in each category.

I save red for marking the wants and unplanned spends, and green for marking the needs and planned spends. The goal is to have as few double red spends as possible, and note the unplanned needs, those items might be an indicator of a sinking fund you need to start.

Use one tracker a week for four weeks and see with new clarity where (and why) your money leaks are happening. Or continue to use every week as part of your budgeting system.

This is just one page from the Big Finance Pack, which is chock-full of useful and fun pages to help you get your entire money life on track.

You can find the rest of the pack HERE.


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Stephanie V V
Exactly what I needed!

I love coloring pages, especially if its because I am working towards a goal. This keeps me motivated to continue to save. I am a repeat buyer and would recommend these purchases to anyone.

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I used this chart to color code every box until my bill was paid! I used 4 colors I new when I got to the color Green …I was in the money and done!!! I love all of the charts I ordered!

Spending Tracker
Linnea Moore
Helpful for Tracking Wants and Needs

I have tried other spending trackers and found that just saying amounts wasn't all that helpful- for me to have to justify my purchases to myself as wants and needs has been helpful in reducing unwanted, unplanned purchases. I can't wait to see how this helps long term!