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One powerful Tool for getting out of Debt

Small goals are much more doable than big ol' honkin' ones.

Have you done the following with your kids? Or maybe you remember your Mom or Grandma doing it with you. "I know you're tired, but you can make it! Let's just see if we can make it to that tree (or sign, or whatever) right up there." And this repeats as long as it takes to get the child to the destination, whether it's a hike, or just walking all-the-way-to-the-car in the parking lot.

This works! Small goals are much more doable than big ol' honkin' ones.

People who climb giant mountains know this. Yes, the ultimate goal is the summit, but their daily focus is just to get to the next checkpoint.

This is why I loved using charts. Each debt had it's own chart and I could see my progress, knock out that goal, and then was totally ready to say "okay, who's next?" to my debts.

Seeing your progress is key, especially if you are a visual person. 










Sometimes numbers are just boring. For the number geeks, watching the numbers go down can be inspiring. But for the rest of us, seeing a chart being filled up is oh so much more inspiring!

So get a chart, any chart!

Of course I think Debt Free Charts are amazing (and over 25 of them are FREE!), something about seeing those giant words getting filled up just worked way better for me than a thermometer. But seriously, ANY CHART will help you see your progress, and feel it as you color it in.

It may be one of the simplest tools that makes one of the biggest differences in your progress.

But don't take my word for it, check out the Wall of Fame, showcasing the completely filled in charts of Debt Free Charts fans. Here are just a few:


If you think it's cheesy, that's ok, it kinda is, but I beg you to just try it with one debt goal, just one, and see what it does for you.

Then SHARE your success! Share how using a chart helped you (or perhaps didn't help you, but I doubt this will be the case), and encourage others to try it too.

I mean, if it doesn't work, nothing is lost, but if it does... holy moly, watch out debt!


Do you have a chart going? If so, is it helping you attack your debt? Share in the comments!

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Keep me honest

I love these trackers! They really keep me honest and motivated! I look forward to coloring in my sections each month. I have even shared the site with friends and family so they can also see the benefits of visual tracking!! So much fun.

Bank Loan Tracking Chart
Katarzyna Grzyl

After getting all frustrated about how long and tedious the process of getting rid of all our debts was, I found your charts and when I started coloring them I suddenly realized that the process was not as stagnant as I supposed it was and it gave me a fresh perspective and some hope of actually achieving my goals! Thank you!

Paid off my credit card chart

Such a great way to keep our credit card debt on track and enjoying our kids being able to be part of it too!



Great Chart

These charts are so motivating! I put it on my fridge to keep track of progress.