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Get Rid of Student Loan Debt with This Game-Themed Chart

Over one-third of young adults have student loan debt. The median debt for those who have student loans is $17,000--and some of us hold higher balances. It can be so draining to constantly be paying Sallie Mae for a degree you completed years ago!

Each month, you envision the day that your hard-earned money will go back into your pocket instead of straight to your loan provider. Fortunately, it is possible! You don’t have to keep your student loans around so long they seem like a pet. With dedication, determination, and the right tools, you can pay off your student loans fast.

Because so many of you are so dedicated to paying off your student loans, I created a special game-themed chart to help motivate you along your journey. (And, like all my debt payoff charts, it’s completely FREE!)

Gaming to Debt Freedom

My first game-style chart, Debt Free Land, was so popular that I decided to make some more! I created game-style charts for your car loan, credit card, student loan, and starter emergency fund.

Grab one or more charts to get started! Did I mention they are FREE?

How to Use the Chart

This chart is made for one student loan. There are 100 spaces on this chart, so simply divide your goal amount by 100 to determine the value of each space. For instance, if your loan is $5,000, each space is worth $50. So, if you make a $150 payment, you get to color in three spaces! I love the childhood game style of this chart.

If you have multiple student loans, or other debts to keep track of, check out these other free charts to help track your progress. One reviewer, Stephanie, writes, “My student loan payoff journey has been pretty long and it’s not over yet. So I love this [student loan] chart for helping me track my smaller payoff goal for an individual year! It gives me the ability to stay motivated in the short-term, while using the Debtris chart for the long-term balance goal!”

Have other debts? Keep this chart in a binder or on a bulletin board with your other charts to break up the bigger number into more manageable pieces. And, of course, to celebrate your wins along the way!

I like coloring my charts with fine-tip markers or Zebra Pen Midliners, but any old highlighters or markers from the junk drawer will work, too!

Conquer Your Loans

Reviewer Kristine D. writes, “This makes the loan payments so much more enjoyable! I feel like I am conquering territory with each payment!” 

I love this chart! It helps keep my student loans on the forefront of mind and adds another layer of accountability for me. I have a competitive personality and enjoy the board-game-like setup with the goal of reaching the end! - Madeline K., reviewer

Start conquering your loans now with the I Paid Off My Student Loan Chart!


Have you tried one of my free game-style charts? Let me know your experience in the comment section below!

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Keep me honest

I love these trackers! They really keep me honest and motivated! I look forward to coloring in my sections each month. I have even shared the site with friends and family so they can also see the benefits of visual tracking!! So much fun.

Bank Loan Tracking Chart
Katarzyna Grzyl

After getting all frustrated about how long and tedious the process of getting rid of all our debts was, I found your charts and when I started coloring them I suddenly realized that the process was not as stagnant as I supposed it was and it gave me a fresh perspective and some hope of actually achieving my goals! Thank you!

Paid off my credit card chart

Such a great way to keep our credit card debt on track and enjoying our kids being able to be part of it too!



Great Chart

These charts are so motivating! I put it on my fridge to keep track of progress.