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9 Inspiring Women of Instagram

Whether you’re a married mom of teenagers, a single twenty-something, or somewhere in between, there’s someone out there who’s in a similar boat trying to reach her money goals. These nine ladies are inspiring others to pay off debt, save for the future, and invest in retirement. Follow them on Instagram for inspiration along your own journey!

Cara Carrington - Cara

Work-from-home mom Cara and her husband are foster parents on the road to debt freedom. She’s real--sharing the news of her mother’s passing, specific money goals, and what she’s praying for--but always seems to have a smile on her face. Cara’s upbeat attitude as she chronicles her family’s debt payoff is sure to inspire you on your own journey. 

A Student Loan Story

This anonymous Instagram money account is run by a 30-year-old woman living in New York City, documenting her path to paying off six-figure student loan debt. A sky-high cost of living and large starting debt haven’t deterred her, though: she’s managed to pay off over $80,000 in just two years. If you’re anticipating a long debt payoff journey, look to @astudentloanstory for motivation along the way.

Debt to Gratitude - Alexa

Alexa courageously relates the ups and downs that come not only with paying off debt, but with battling a chronic illness. She and her husband Sam are a single-income household, but work as a team to pay down debt, including a number of medical bills. Whether chronic illness is a part of your life as well, or you’re also on a debt free journey, Alexa’s account can inspire and encourage you.

Debt Free at Twenty-Three - Kristy

Kristy hasn’t been twenty-three for a few years now, but her account name still reflects her original debt payoff goal. Now, she shares her journey to save, pay for graduate school, and pay down her mortgage. If you’re single with big money goals, Kristy’s down-to-earth account can motivate you on your journey.

Debt Free Charts- Heidi Nash

Of course, we might be biased, but Heidi shares the incredible stories of ordinary people who are paying off debt and saving like crazy! Her page is full of colorful charts from people all over the world who are using them to track debt payoff, savings goals, and even health, fitness, and decluttering goals. And she’s relatable, sharing her own journey even when there are missteps and detours along the way.

Fit Frugal Mom - Ellie

Ellie and her husband Zay both run financial Instagram accounts--a dream team. Ellie’s account is a place not only for investing tips, but also for fitness inspiration. You’ll find healthy meals and daily workouts mixed with pictures of Ellie’s family and grocery budget. If you’re a mom trying to balance work, home, finances, and fitness, Ellie’s account is sure to inspire you.

Dana Slay Debt - Dana

Dana’s a wife and mom of two whose money mission is to change her family tree. Since chronicling her debt payoff, she has used her account to share inspiration and practical tips on family budgeting, faith and finance, and practicing money literacy with her kids. She’s inspirational, personable, and cheerful--everything you’d want in a motivating money account.

Fire in Beantown

Don’t let the funny memes fool you: this Boston couple is serious about their money goals. Part of the FIRE movement to achieve financial independence and retire early, they’re relentlessly frugal as they strive toward their next objective. Whether your current goal is to increase your investments or simply to save for next month, this account will bring both laughter and knowledge into your life.

Jessi Fearon - Jessi

Stay-at-home mom of three Jessi doesn’t stay home because her husband makes six figures. They’re just a normal couple who slashed costs, paid off debt, and continues to stick to their budget so that they can live the life they want. Jessi’s page is packed with photos of her beautiful family alongside budget and retirement investing updates.

We all need a little encouragement as we head toward our money goals. Check out these nine accounts for daily inspiration to keep you on the path toward your next goal.


Is there anyone you'd add to this list? Who has inspired you on your financial journey? Let me know in the comment section below!


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