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15 Money Pros You Should be Following on Instagram

Sometimes, you might feel like the only person you know who’s sacrificing and hustling to pay off debt, build wealth, and create a better future for yourself or your family. But, thanks to social media, you can easily find support from a massive community of budgeting and money pros.

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite money Instagram accounts to inspire and encourage you along the way.

Easy_budget - Merilee

If you’re looking for personal finance tips mixed in with silly selfies and praise for label-makers, Merilee’s @easy_budget IG is the page for you. She’s been a staple of the debt free community for years, but her content is always fresh and relevant. You’ll get practical tips for how to budget while hearing about her sweet family’s adventures in the South.

Personal Finance Club - Jeremy Schneider

Jeremy over at @PersonalFinanceClub retired at age 36, and now he’s sharing his secrets to help you reach success, too. If you love brokerage accounts, dividends, and specialized investing advice, Jeremy’s page is the one for you.

A Sunny Side Up Life - Sami Womack

Sami strives to help women with budgeting and money management with her Instagram content. She also has a podcast that you can listen to, to motivate you to do better with your money. Sami keeps it real in her content, letting her followers know her money triumphs and fails along her journey, showing that everyone has an individual story with money.


Budget Girl - Sarah

Sarah’s down-to-earth style comes from her roots as a broke journalist. She started out on a tiny salary, but still managed to pay off over $30,000 in under three years. She’s relentlessly frugal, even now that her net worth is growing and growing, and shares relatable, practical tips anyone can apply to their life.

Save My Cents - Shang

Shang over at @savemycents shares her secrets to obtaining wealth. She believes that wealth is a mindset and shares how anyone can build wealth with a bit of a mindset shift. Her main goal is to educate her audience on retirement- financial habits you need to successfully save for retirement, differences between accounts, and how to save on taxes. 

Dave Ramsey

Dave Ramsey is known internationally for his pull-yourself-up-by-your-bootstraps attitude and his Bible-based seven baby steps for paying off debt, saving money, and building wealth. He’s straightforward (“Just because something’s ‘on sale’ doesn’t mean you have to buy it”) and knowledgeable, often hopping on IG stories to answer a slew of money questions on everything from saving for a house to investing for retirement. But the best part of his page might be the many inspirational stories of people and families paying off tens of thousands of dollars in debt.

Broke on Purpose - Melody Wright 

Melody’s bio says she’s “demystifying personal finance,” and that’s exactly what her page does. She shares practical tips on topics including how to stop impulse spending, set financial goals, and stick to your budget. She also shares a lot of inspiration along the way!

Rachel Cruze 

Rachel is a bestselling author and internationally known speaker--but she doesn’t let that keep her from sharing her best tips on how to save money. Moms and families might find her page especially helpful, as she loves to share things like her favorite affordable minivans and easy dinner recipes! You’ll also find stories of regular people paying off boatloads of debt using Rachel’s dad’s Dave Ramsey plan.

Fun Cheap or Free - Jordan Page

Jordan Page of @FunCheaporFree takes frugal living to a whole new level. Meal prep, beauty hacks, and receipt tracking are just a few of the ways Jordan encourages her followers to live below their means and work toward their wealth goals. 

Money Life Mentor - Brooke

Brooke’s page at @MoneyLifeMentor is small but mighty! Young, energetic, and determined to help people live in financial fearlessness, Brooke shares ideas, inspiration, and investing tips for people of all ages and stages of life.

Inspired Budget - Allison Baggerly

Allison’s inspiring page chronicles the budget slashing, frugal living, and side hustling her family did to pay off over $100,000 in debt. Now, she gives simple tips and practical plans for women to get out of debt and build wealth. Her page is pink-themed and full of inspirational quotes, so this one’s definitely for the girly girl--or anyone looking for encouragement along the way.

Money Boss Mama - Dyana

Her IG handle says it all: Single mom Dyana is rocking the finance world. She knows what it’s like to struggle, to make progress ever so slowly, and to sacrifice when it feels like you’re completely spent. But she’s here to let you know that it can be done. Her page is packed with step-by-step plans for specific circumstances you might face on your journey (“Steps to Take When Over Budget” and “How to Recover from a Financial Setback” are just a few examples). She also regularly collaborates with other members of the Black personal finance community to inspire and engage women in their financial lives.

Chris Hogan

If you’re out of debt and looking to save and invest, check out Chris Hogan’s IG page. A retirement expert, radio personality, and bestselling author, Chris is able to cut to the core of complicated investing strategies to help regular people invest for retirement and build wealth.

The Budgetnista - Tiffany Aliche

Author, podcaster, and personal finance expert Tiffany Aliche of @TheBudgetnista spearheads her entirely female-run business from her Instagram account. She’s all smiles as she reminds her followers to give themselves grace and to keep moving toward their goals! Everyday tips to prevent overspending are mixed in with memes and hard-hitting investment advice on her page.

The Budget Mom - Kumiko Love

From broke single mom to finance expert with a net worth of over $1 million, Kumiko Love has been a steady, inspiring presence in the personal finance world. On her IG page, she shares budgeting and investing tips from her own experiences, as well as her progress toward personal goals for the year.

Whether you’re paying off debt, looking to retire early, or saving like crazy so that you can travel all over the world, there’s someone who’s walked in your shoes and is here to support you along your journey. With just a free Instagram account, you have the best tips from this diverse crew of budget gurus at your fingertips.


Who would you add to this list? Let me know in the comment section below!


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