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10 Ways to Practice Gratitude in 2021

It can be so easy to get bogged down with everyday stresses that we forget to see how blessed we truly are. According to this article, practicing gratitude can increase mental strength, improve sleep and improve physical health. 

But I've noticed something even more amazing about gratitude - when you look for it you notice it so much more! It's the Frequency Illusion at work, what you seek, you find, just like the Bible says.

But where to begin? Lucky for you, I’ve rounded up 10 ways to practice gratitude this year. So let’s begin, in no particular order, here are some great ways to practice gratitude!

#1 25 Days of Gratitude Challenge - Natural Beach Living

You up for a challenge? These challenges are simple and easy. Take a few minutes a day to think about what/who you are thankful for. Check out this free printable from Natural Beach Living to do by yourself, with family or friends. 

#2 Gratitude Journal Heart Pack - Debt Free Charts

Looking to make gratitude simple and fun? Try my Gratitude Journal Heart Pack. I designed these to make gratitude easy, you don't have to write a book, just one line a day is all it takes.

There are 12 different pages included one for each month, and each page has 32 lines perfect for using one line for the month and year, and the rest for daily gratitude that month.

Plus these are great for your whole family. Everyone can style them how they like and then hang them on the wall as a reminder of what your household really treasures.

#3 Gratitude Game - Teach Beside Me

When you have little ones at home, it's great to find ways to teach them without lecturing. Games are a great way to do that. Here is a fun, easy way to practice gratitude, and spend time with your family. Kayrn from has a great game using pick up sticks.

#4 Gratitude Tree - Teaching Mama

Want to get your creative juices flowing? Angela from Teaching Mama has the perfect gratitude project for you. Draw it big and put it on the wall, or small and keep it on a desk. Each leaf has something you’re grateful for. When you’re done, you have  a beautiful art piece.  

I also love this Gratitude Tree from Michael’s. The wooden tree by Creatology is perfect, and the link shows you everything you need to make it your own. 

#5 Coloring Pages on Gratitude - Debt Free Charts 

One of the best ways to focus on what you’re grateful for is to stop and reflect. Well, it’s hard for me to sit still, also, if I’m too still I might end up falling asleep!  Coloring is a great way to relax and still be present. 

You can get my Count your Blessings Coloring Page here, and use the Discount Code BLESSINGS during checkout to get it FREE!

Count your Blessings hymn quote printable coloring page

#6 Give Thanks Bible Study - She Reads Truth

"Biblical gratitude is at the core of what it means to faithfully walk with Christ. It is the habit of turning our hearts and minds to the active work of God. True gratitude is a posture of worship, of taking time in all circumstances to notice, remember, and praise God for who He is, what He has done, and what He continues to do." 

This is a 3 week Scripture Study all about Gratitude. You can purchase the amazingly beautiful Study Book, or follow the daily reading list free!


#7 Printable Gratitude Quotes - Filling the Jars

Fill your home with gratitude, it's easy with these cute Printable Gratitude Quotes by Julie over at Filling the Jars. I could just see them framed up and hung in just about every room. What a simple and beautiful reminder to be grateful! 

Filling the Jars printable gratitude quotes

#8 Gratidoodles - Debt Free Charts

Gratitude is the antidote. Gratitude refocuses us on the positives in our lives, it grounds us in the good.

When life gets hard that's when it's especially important to pull your focus off the hard things, start stacking the Gratitude, and notice how much better you feel!⠀⠀
Notice what’s working, notice your blessings, notice the beauty, notice your successes.

Start with Gratitude for the simple things, it doesn’t have to be profound.

That’s why I made this Gratidoodles page, to help you want to write down something you’re grateful for every day. It’s got 30 spaces, you can write, you can draw, you can decorate, you can scribble, but fill this page up and feel the difference in your perspective.⠀

Gratidoodles gratitude journal printable

#9 Gratitude Jar - Organize My House

Have you set this year as the year your family focuses on being grateful?  Then Chrissy’s Gratitude Jar from is the way to go.  Each week everyone can add something they are thankful for. On New Year’s Eve everyone gathers around and reads what each other put. Not only will it help you reflect on the past year, but you’ll see what stood for your family.   

#10 Thanksgiving All Year Long - Debt Free Charts

I don’t think you can think of gratitude without thinking of Thanksgiving. I made this pack specifically for Thanksgiving Day. However, I think they work great with any Gratitude Dinner, all year long.  

There are many ways to show gratitude, I hope you are inspired to try at least one of these ways to make Gratitude a bigger part of your life.


Debt Free Charts 10 Ways to Practice Gratitude This Year

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Amazing way to start a new year in a new way

I started off with checkbook registers as a child. I had microsoft money when I went to "grow up" with my first computer in the past before they discontinued it. It makes me sad as I did like that despite never using it for any budgeting purposes persay but having all my bills in it for a 12 month view made it pretty easy to "visually budget". I've tried quicken for pc and for mac and it's okay until they force me to upgrade to the next year version. I've tried simple excel worksheets and complex ones. NOTHING seems to keep me motivated now that I'm getting serious about getting out of debt. I started this at the beginning of 2021. I downloaded several of Ms. Nash's bundles and separate sheets and what I've found that works for me is a mixture of them all (despite some being pretty much the same thing but slightly different). Going back to what first worked... I incorporated all her forms with a simple checkbook register (but printed on computer paper instead of the tiny book) and it's all in a binder. I went fancy with the heavy duty "better" binder from staples and pre-printed monthly dividers. I've colored in nearly all the monthly quotes which definitely make me think and make things more fun. I bought colorful erasable pens and what I've found by pulling out this book which is mostly Ms. Nash's charts, I'm actually looking forward to having some "color time" while updating bills/income/etc and I spend more time paying attention to the numbers than I ever had before. I second guess purchases to make myself not have to "write" as much down AND.... I'VE GOT MY HUSBAND ON BOARD!!! By putting it on paper with all my "silly colorful charts", my husband is looking at them and pulling the book out on his own to look at how things are going. In our 8 years of marriage and 10 years of being together, honestly, I've always handled the money stuff and he just expected things to work out. When stress of "how is this going to end up" when I started my Dave Ramsey journey a few years ago, it definitely doesn't work well when only one is on board. Finally, this method has brought us together. Granted, he DOESNT write anything at all down, but he's very interested in seeing how we made the goals and what we're looking like through the month. We are dreaming of the future for the first time! SO EXCITED!

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Amazing Tool...Easy to use, keeps you accountable, you see the results and you want to keep going. I do recommend using this chart.

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