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Get Growing
Get Growing

Get Growing

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Sometimes just having your goals be cute really helps!

Use these five little plants for five big goals that you'll track all year, or for five smaller goals you have each month, or even one big goal all together.

Each little plant has 20 leaves, that is 100 leaves in total. So you can even use this for one big goal if you like.

There are three distinct spaces for each little plant to write in the individual goals, the flower pot, the top rim of the flower pot, and under the bottom, there is even a fourth spot if you count the saucer (but that would require tiny writing ;P)

You can write in what you are saving for, the total goal amount, and the individual leaf amount (there are 20 leaves per plant).


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Savings Grow in front of your Eyes

This is so easy to use and you literally watch your savings grow (finally a plant I can’t kill). I look forward to coloring in the leaves every time I put money aside for savings; makes me want to save more.


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Credit Card
Irene Amador
Debt free charts

I love the charts . I’m a visual learner .So It really helps to see my progress . I would recommend the charts to anyone of my friends . I really like that they are free . Thank you so much .

Absolutely wonderful and so easy to use!!!!

I've only been using the debt free chart for a little while - but OMG, it has really been a helpful too and shows me that I spend way more than I have and why and where I keep going into debt!!!! Absolutely wonderful!!!!

Visa chart

I'm a person who loves to see progress visibly and this chart helps me to see my end goal and keeps me motivated!! I think these charts are absolutely brilliant, love them.

I Paid Off -Blank-
Melanie Velez
Best Trackers ever!

This tracker is so exciting to use. And helps me visually see how much I’m saving

I Paid off my Credit Card