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Date Night
Date Night
Date Night

Date Night

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It's easier to spend wisely when you know the leftover money in your envelope can go toward a special night out with a special someone. Even when the budget is tight, you can make a point to save a little for an evening out, and enjoy yourselves guilt-free.

A great chart to use every month, what you save up that month, is what you have to spend on your night out. This could even make for some creatively frugal evenings that are just as enjoyable as a spendy restaurant. 

Set your goal at what you'd like to save, but even if you don't hit the goal, go out on what you did save. 


Both the Original black background and the Outline versions in one file, you get them both automatically!


Customer Reviews

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Sarah C
Makes it even more fun to save!

My husband and I have six children and own two businesses. We hang out together all the time, so I save this chart for the rare mini-getaway. If I have a destination in mind, I use the chart the traditional way and we schedule the trip after meeting the financial goal. The alternative is to stash a piece of cash for each line I color, so with 50 lines I will have at least $50 but with 5s, 10s, and 20s mixed in, I end up with a lot more cash, and we use those for more spontaneous days. I love this especially when I manage to get my husband to take a day off but rather than actually planning anything, I just tell him it's his day and hand him all the money I've saved. He gets a surprise and MUCH deserved day to do whatever he wants, and it's financially guilt free, which IMO is priceless.


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Carla Meineke
2nd time around

I started a Debtris chart a long time ago and it was really fun and motivating. My kids even enjoyed seeing the colors filling up the page bit by bit. This past summer we had to replace our HVAC system. Though our credit is good, we couldn't secure enough financing and ended up paying for it on credit. The silver lining to this was ordering another Debtris chart and starting over from the beginning to use a different color scheme that will be prettier! :)

Credit Cards
Kelli Davis
Changed My Life

debt is falling off and this has been a big help and motivator

Starter Emergency Fund

I've been working hard for several months to get an EF not only started but growing each month. This chart gives a great visual as to the progress I'm making. Bright, happy colors to show my path to a brighter financial future.

Family Loan
Miriama B.

It will be helpful in keeping me accountable for paying my family back.

Debt Free Chart
Linda Gilmore
Love the charts

Charts are helpful for visualizing progress toward financial goals in a fun relaxing way.