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Bank Loan blank Tracking Chart

Bank Loan blank Tracking Chart

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This Bank Loan chart you can customize with the name of the bank in the top blank space. A black Sharpie is recommended for filling in the custom name, so that when you color in the chart it won't as likely smudge.

Thank you for using Debt Free Charts, and I wish you well on your journey to debt freedom!


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Mollie Stirk
Bank Loan Countdown Chart

Very easy to use! Brilliant for keeping things in check.

Great charts to help you get a hold on your loans

I discovered your charts via the "Budget Mom" website. They are proving to be a great help at understanding compound interest and how to get out of debt faster. You're doing a great job, keep it up!

Jennifer Eveleigh
Debt Free by retirement

These charts help see progress made. Keeps me remembering why do it. I havev4 different ones fit different debt. Ue car, loan, emergency fund, and most important house

Lori East

Bank Loan blank

Te' Jackson
Bank Loan

It helps me keep track my mortgage payments. As you know, a mortgage can take up to 30 years to pay back. So, the progress is slow, but im not giving up on the chart because of of the momentum. I add extra to my mortgage every month to see small wins and faster results. So, seeing the color shading in on the bank loan sheet keeps me excited and hopeful to reach my goal of being debt free.


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motivational charts

I love this online store, I purchased free and paid charts. I am in love with them.

IRS Tax tracker

I love it!! It keeps me on track to pay off this debt. I use other forms from this company and it is so nice to see the progress and to celebrate completion of debts!!

I love these charts for training my debt snowball!

Perfect if you like visual progress

I like this simple tracking sheet to help us see how much we are paying off each month. It’s more exciting coloring in another line and visually seeing progress vs just numbers. How far you’ve come vs. how far left you have to go.

The charts are easy to use and a great visual way to track your progress. Plus it allows for ups and downs. After all, life happens.