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100 Travel Winter Doodles Tracking Chart
100 Travel Winter Doodles Tracking Chart
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100 Travel Winter Doodles Tracking Chart

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Flying off to the slopes, driving up to the mountains, bundling up for a snowball fight, sitting by the fire with a cuppa. What is your favorite cold weather trip?

They say you live a vacation three times, once in planning and anticipating it, once while actually traveling, and a third time when reliving it through your memories. 

Well this chart will bring a whole new level of anticipation as you see you are getting closer and closer to your goal.

This chart can be used so many ways! Here are just a few of them:

  • Track your savings goal so you can pay cash 
  • Count down the 100 days leading up to your departure
  • Kids saving up souvenir money
  • Paying off a vacation you took in the past

Whatever your goal, you can track your progress. If it's a money goal, simply divide the goal amount by 100, and that is how much each doodle equals.


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Travel winter doodles tracking chart

Love this! Doodles are so cute. So much fun saving. Thank you so much for making saving fun.


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This keeps me going and thankful for it

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Otoniel Aguirre
Keeping me on track!

I printed them out and have them both laminated to use a expo to color each square.


Charts like these are great for me so I can see the process im making easily Would def recommend

Love it

Those are so good love that I can see how I’m doing with my debt