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100 Travel Camping Doodles

100 Travel Camping Doodles

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The great outdoors beckons you with starlit nights, cozy campfires, and lazy days by the lake. Camping is such a great time of memory making, and it's a great family vacation that fits into most budgets. Use this chart to save up what you need for a great camping trip this summer.


These charts have 100 doodles to color in as you make progress toward your goal. Simply divide your goal by 100 to get how much each doodle equals. A $1000 savings goal means each doodle equals $10, so every $10 you put into savings you color in one doodle. 

These work great for both debt payoff and savings goals. For debt payoff you track the balance after each payment clears. (Note: these are meant to be a motivational and emotional exercise, not a precise financial representation, it’s ok if the totals don’t match down to the penny.)

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Cheri Jackson
Super cute camping chart!

I bought this chart to help us visualize our savings for a big national park camping trip we're planning for a few years out. The kids have the job of coloring in doodles as we add money to our fund. It's a great visual for us all on why we can't buy xyz right now because we're saving for this park or for food on the trip or whatever. So helpful!


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she duck
Love it

Working through debt with your teen has never been more fun! Thank you.

Debt Free Charts

Love them! So good to see my progress when the leaves are coloured in!

Love that this one has 200 spaces

I really like that this one has 200 spaces. I have had a Dave Ramsey chart hanging on my refrigerator for 7 years but you don't get to update the mortgage payoff very often. I downloaded this one because every house payment is one block right now. It helps to make progress you can see EVERY SINGLE MONTH. Thank you for this incentive!

Stupid Tax
Awesome chart

I was very sad to use this chart because my tax really is stupid, but I love that I can track my progress so easily. It makes me feel good to know that I'm getting rid of the stupid tax!

Debt Free Chart
Darlene Tremblay
Love the charts

Printed out a few and couldn’t wait to start using them.
They were designed very well.
Thank you for creating them.