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100 Plants - Watch my Money Grow
100 Plants - Watch my Money Grow
100 Plants - Watch my Money Grow
100 Plants - Watch my Money Grow
100 Plants - Watch my Money Grow
100 Plants - Watch my Money Grow

100 Plants - Watch my Money Grow

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I sat down to doodle one day. My daughter had doodled some cute little plants and I thought it looked like fun.

As I was doodling, I thought "I wonder if I could draw 100 of these?" So I started a fresh piece of paper and graphed out how I could fit 100 on the page.

Halfway through, I had an Ah-Ha moment - "This could might make a fun goal tracker! 100 little plants to color in as you reach your goal!"

I asked on Social Media if I was onto something, and I got a resounding YES!

So that's how this chart came to be, and became the first of many doodle charts.

When you order this one, you'll actually get three title variations in one file:

  • Watch my Savings Grow
  • Planting my Future
  • Blank top to fill in as you like

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These charts have 100 doodles to color in as you make progress toward your goal. Simply divide your goal by 100 to get how much each doodle equals. A $1000 savings goal means each doodle equals $10, so every $10 you put into savings you color in one doodle. 

These work great for both debt payoff and savings goals. For debt payoff you track the balance after each payment clears. (Note: these are meant to be a motivational and emotional exercise, not a precise financial representation, it’s ok if the totals don’t match down to the penny.)

Customer Reviews

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Cute, customizable, and fun!

Cute way to save money. I loved the multiple page option!

Denise deBois
100 Plants - Watch my Money Grow

these are adorable - easy way to help someone track their debt kill plan
I got them for a friend acutally - hopefully she'll get on board with the whole idea and KILL that debt!

Aliesha B
Great chart

This chart makes tracking savings fun.

Angie Hayes

I am using this to stop smoking! I love planets and this is a great doodle for it!


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motivational charts

I love this online store, I purchased free and paid charts. I am in love with them.

IRS Tax tracker

I love it!! It keeps me on track to pay off this debt. I use other forms from this company and it is so nice to see the progress and to celebrate completion of debts!!

I love these charts for training my debt snowball!

Perfect if you like visual progress

I like this simple tracking sheet to help us see how much we are paying off each month. It’s more exciting coloring in another line and visually seeing progress vs just numbers. How far you’ve come vs. how far left you have to go.

The charts are easy to use and a great visual way to track your progress. Plus it allows for ups and downs. After all, life happens.