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100 Books Doodles

100 Books Doodles

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I love reading! Set me free in a book store or library and I could be content for hours. But sometimes it's just hard to find the time to set aside for it. This tracker would be a great way to remind yourself to take the time to read, even if just for 15 minutes a day.

Comes in two variations, one with more decoration on the books for those who like coloring details, and one with simpler books (you could even write on these if you have a fine tip pen).

You could use this chart to track:

  • Pages read
  • Minutes spent reading
  • Savings goal for an Amazon book Shopping Spree
  • Minutes spend listening to audio books
  • Number of books read in a year
  • Homework time tracker

Use it as a countdown, or a savings tracker, or a habit tracker. So many ideas!

    What will you use it for?