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Helpful charts

I am so motivated when I can track my progress and having a visual is really the way to go. These charts are super helpful!

Doing something for 30 days makes a habit.

I love these 30 day trackers. There are so many options and if there isn't one that works for you there is a blank one These short term trackers might actually get me to complete something. So excited to get started!!

FUNctional debt repayment tracker

I was making a bullet journal for my best friend, and she needed a debt repayment tracker. I stumbled upon Debtris, and OH EM GEE we were both SO excited! This tracker is SO much fun, so well crafted, and perfectly functional. Truly a fantastic product, and I love that you can pick your own amounts based on your own debt (which seems like a given, but I’ve seen other trackers that impose an amount on you). The fact that it was free on top of that just about blew my mind!! Many, MANY thanks!

Student loan

The chart helps me stay focused and when feeling discouraged the charts helps keep me motivated and focused.

Amazing charts and coloring pages!!

Heidi has created amazing charts and coloring pages. These are so helpful and keeps me inspired in my journey of paying off debt. Thank you, Heidi !!