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2021 Money Challenge Year
2021 Money Challenge Year
2021 Money Challenge Year
2021 Money Challenge Year
2021 Money Challenge Year
2021 Money Challenge Year
2021 Money Challenge Year
2021 Money Challenge Year
2021 Money Challenge Year

2021 Money Challenge Year

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It's no secret that 2020 was an unprecedented year, one that may have really done a number on your bank account. It's time to dust off those financial goals that were put on hold and get back to business. 
Just imagine if you could:
  • Quickly get your 2021 financial goals in order and be able to keep it that way.
  • Actually feel excited (instead of overwhelmed) about what you want to create in 2021, because you've got a solid plan.
  • Stop feeling like you are spinning your wheels getting nowhere, and actually make massive progress toward your goals.
  • Feel completely confident about where you are going and how you are going to get there. 
  • Get to the heart of your money struggles and discover a system that works with you, not against you.
  • Learn how to think like someone who's got this money thing all figured out.
  • Create better habits that will lead to lasting change and stable finances.

What would it mean to you if you finally had the tools to create the Freedom and Peace of Mind you want so much?

I'll tell you something - it's not about the numbers.

If you've been trying to win by working the numbers, by cutting your budget back to nothing, by scrimping and saving and tightening your belt, by snowballing and avalanching and it's still not working because you keep getting in your own way, then this is for you.

The Money Challenge Year started as a live 7 Day Money Challenge I did in 2018. The live Challenge was a big hit, and thousands of people joined in to learn a new way to set goals and learn more about themselves in the process of reaching higher. They did amazing things in just 7 days, and asked for monthly charts so they could keep going all year.

So I turned the 7 Day Money Challenge into the Money Challenge Year.

With the Money Challenge Year you will make more progress toward your dream future than you ever thought possible.


Every month you'll set a new challenge goal, and using the simple worksheets will keep you focused on the possibilities, instead of the struggles, and with that focus, you keep moving forward.

Like no other planner or financial workbook - the 2021 Challenge Year is designed to shift your mindset from "it's impossible" to "it is inevitable!".

You set your own challenge goal each month, and start brainstoriming... if it WAS possible to reach that goal in one month, what would it take? How COULD you get there?

You'll be inspired to try new things, to think bigger, to be bolder, and even though you may not get there every month, your personal growth will take leaps.

Even if you don't reach your challenge goal, you will learn what doesn't work, what does work, and why, and with that knowledge, you'll tweak your approach and get better results.

And you get a fresh start every month - so by the end of 2020 you will have grown into the person who CAN reach those big goals, and you'll be inspired to reach for dreams you once thought impossible!

Challenge yourself each and every month to reach high and see how much you can do!

This complete year of Challenges has the following pages for each month:

  • Monthly Money Challenge Chart so you can set big goals every month
  • Monthly Income Sheet for tracking all the money that enters your life - NEW design!
  • Monthly Evidence Sheet so you focus on the proof that you can succeed
  • Monthly Spending Days Calendar to use for planning out your spending (with both Sunday start and Monday start calendar options)
  • Monthly Blessings Sheet for writing down one thing you are grateful for every day
  • Monthly Habit Tracker so you can build those new habits that you need to reach your goals 
  • Both Classic and Outline versions included

That's 72 pages* (6 pages x 12 months) that will carry you through the entire year and help you stay focused on the GOOD stuff, so you will develop the mindset you need to have your best year ever.

Plus I've included these 5 BONUS challenges ($7.50 value) to help you set big goals for the entire year:

  • 2021 Money Challenge
  • 2021 Savings Challenge
  • 2021 Payoff Challenge
  • 2021 Income Challenge
  • 2021 Net Worth Challenge

At just $29, that is under $3 per month to stay focused on the right things and keep up your motivation.

*Total page count is 94 pages including the Bonus Challenges.

PLUS I've added The Money Challenge Workbook as a FREE BONUS - which includes ALL the powerful exercises from the Live Challenge!

Every page is designed to start shifting what you believe is possible in your money life. And what you believe is possible determines what is possible for you.

When you begin to really challenge yourself, to reach for bigger dreams, you'll discover how powerful you really are.

I took the Live Challenge content and created this Workbook, with all the same powerful exercises that helped past Challengers save an average of $265 in just 7 days!

  • Discover more money than you knew you had
  • Learn the one thing that makes you fear failure and eliminate it
  • Discover why you deal with money the way you do
  • Learn what is holding you back from success and how to let it go
  • 8 lessons to get you out of overwhelm and into action
  • 8 powerful exercises that can transform your relationship with money
  • Read digitally, or print out this beautiful workbook
  • 32 pages total

All together that's:

  1. The Money Challenge Year pack (94pgs, $49 value)

  2. 5 BONUS challenges ($7.50 value)

  3. BONUS Money Challenge Workbook (32pgs, $49 value)

Money Back Guarantee - If at any time before December 31, 2021 you decide that the 2021 Money Challenge Year wasn't worth every penny, just send us an email and you'll be refunded your full purchase price.

You've got nothing to lose, and a whole year of motivation to gain.

Comes with both Sunday start and Monday start calendars, and both Original style charts with the black background and Outline style charts for less ink use.


This is included in the All Access Pass (Login to the AAP website and go to the Other Goodies tab)


This is a PDF Download that you can access immediately and print yourself. 





Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Help yourself to achieve more!

2021 will be the second year that I've used this type of Money Challenge Year pack. I love that the monthly charts can work regardless of the goal - whether that be savings, debt payments or something else.
The activities in the Money Challenge workbook can take a bit to wrap your head around, however now that that I have learned these methods, I am achieving more and will never go back to how I previously set goals.


2021 Money Challenge Year

Great yearly focus!

I love this pack! I found debtfree charts as I was paying off debt and continue to use them for that purpose, but am also really focusing on saving now as well. I love that this has yearly and monthly sheets! I had oddly never thought to have a savings goal for month and now I'm going to this year and hope that it helps me save more money! I love the monthly quotes and if 2020 taught me anything it is to be thankful for what I have so I like the gratitude sheets!

Savings Challenge Charts

I’m so excited about this 2021 Challenge and these charts are perfect for me because I love being able to mark it up as time progresses as I did with the Debt Free Charts!


Wow what a awesome workbook you get everything in this and I love the idea that i get to color in what I have accomplished this is super helpful since I am a visual person🤩Great purchase and I am very happy with the workbook.


Let customers speak for us

1761 reviews
Debt free charts.

I loved them so much. Thank you! I owe the IRS. A bankruptcy trustee, several other bills I have accrued as well using my older Childrens credit. This has helped me out so much! You are truly a Godsend!

Very Cute and Encouraging for RRSP

I have never thought about this kind of chart for RRSP and TFSA before but these charts amazing. Fun way to keep track and control your retirement in a fun way. Thank you for that Heidi

Needs additions/modifications

Over all, the charts are very helpful, and fun!! But there is quite a bit of redundancy (2 or 3 different charts for the same things). There are some I wil probably not ever use at all. I would really have liked a chart or 'map' that is specifically for Weight Loss, instead I had to use the one labeled 'Healthy Habits". In addition, I had to source a page off the internet for recording body measurements, which is not included in this package. I also modified a couple of the charts for my own purposes and goals. Definitely worth the money, since I can reprint whichever charts I want. I have recommended them to others, because I do find them motivating and inspiring.

Debt Free Chart