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"When you look in the fridge for something to make for breakfast but close it thinking you'll just go to McDonald's but then BAM. Your Debt Free Chart is on the fridge door reminding you to live like no one else so you can later live like no one else so you eat ice cream for breakfast "

"Taking them down to colour each fortnight is seriously the BEST THING EVER "

"Oh, just the coolest thing ever! Thank you so much for sharing these. This is so much better than what I was hoping for when I googled. Thank you!!!" 

"Can't wait to print these out and start coloring…yay! (it will make it much more fun to save)! You are awesome! Thank you!" 

"I just needed it to be cute. I can do it now!" 

"It's a great motivator that you can post on the fridge and did I mention that they're free?"
- Steve Mudie, YNAB

"I love this idea, especially to get the kids involved and excited!"

"Thank you! I have been looking for a visual to keep me on track."
- LLNOE member 

"Thank you very much!"
- LLNOE member 

"I think the visual reminder is definitely going to help the hubby and I stay motivated." 
- LLNOE member


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Sure makes paying off debt more fun!

Thank you for giving me something that finally makes paying debt a little more fun!

Great charts!

Love the charts, absolutely free, no strings attached. Easy, safe download and print. These will work perfectly for helping my son pay off a small debt and see his progress.

A clear motivating picture

Let’s face it debt sucks but these totally free charts have been eye opening and motivating. I printed these all to A5 size and already have colored in a few boxes. I love that what seemed insurmountable before now seems doable. (Like if I pay and extra $100 dollars I can color in another box). I have a really really really long way to go but I now have a clear picture on all of my debts (without adding more debt to the pile). Thank you for these fun charts.

Debtris Tracking Chart
robin lampley

Debtris Tracking Chart

Debt Freedom Starter Pack

Debt Freedom Starter Pack