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Debt Free Land
Debt Free Land
Debt Free Land

Debt Free Land

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Make a game of your Debt Free Journey with this Game Style chart (reminds me of a childhood candy game, am I right?)

This chart has 100 spaces to fill in as you pay off your debts, so each space equals 1% of the total.

This is meant to use as a total debt payoff chart, but I suppose you could use it for individual debts too.

Total debt goes at the top, then divide into 1/4s and put those amounts at the signposts.

You can do a different color for every debt that is paid off, or a color for each month or year, or whatever you like.

This one is especially good for getting the kids interested in the journey.

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Mindy Alexander

I'm a visual person. So seeing hardworking pay off is so motivating!

Chicago Barbara
Debt Slavery

I downloaded the Debt Free Chart about 30 days ago to help me with a visual on a debt free life. my goal is 36 months and this map help me to see, plan and organize with getting free of debt. I looked at how much I owe, my interest and the payoff. I had to see it to do it and I'm on the Debt Free road. Thank you

Debt free land chart

I ordered this for my daughter to use. I paid for a repair on her watch and Shen is paying me back and wanted something to use to track how much she has paid. She really likes colouring the blocks as she pays and seeing how much she has paid and how far she has to go to meet her goal! The visual has been a great motivator and we would definitely recommend to anyone who needs this visual reminder and motivation!

Pam Ulloa
Love it

Easy to print and like how it looks.

Zoë Unruh

I had tried to make something like this by hand, but I couldn't space the lines evenly so I googled it and found your chart. It's literally exactly what I had pictured in my head, minus the headache of doing it myself. We're using it to pay off our raw land purchase, and I wanted to add 'reward points' at the 25/50/75 intervals, like purchasing our home design plans; so I built all that into the debt amount. Only one square left in our old, hand made chart before we start this one. Thanks so much for the excellent free resource!


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Spending Tracker
Rebecca Price
Debt Free Charts

Love love love these! Great for incentives with goals!

IRS Tax Bill Chart

This chart helps make paying this "painful" bill a colorful challenge. Like all the charts I have used the visual progress help motivate me to stay focused on my goals. Thank you for your work.

Stephanie Gaudreau

Thank you!! Our family lives the motivation your charts provide


Great worksheets! Thank you!

Debt is Going Down
DAWN Shearer
Debt charts