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Decluttering Pack
Decluttering Pack
Decluttering Pack
Decluttering Pack
Decluttering Pack
Decluttering Pack
Decluttering Pack
Decluttering Pack
Decluttering Pack
Decluttering Pack
Decluttering Pack
Decluttering Pack
Decluttering Pack
Decluttering Pack

Decluttering Pack

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Decluttering is hard. It's hard to get started, it's hard to make the time, it's hard to not be overwhelmed.

That's why I made this Decluttering Pack of fun printable charts to help you get that decluttering done.

There are 19 pages in this set:

  • 28 Day Clutter Challenge
  • Clutter Free Land
  • Clutter Be Gone - 100 Clutter Doodles
  • Clutter Be Gone - 100 Clothes Doodles
  • Clutter Be Gone - 100 Papers Doodles
  • Clutter Be Gone - 100 Kids Clothes Doodles
  • Clutter Be Gone - 20 Stacks of Books (200 books total)
  • 1000 Decluttered Things
  • Decluttering Log - two versions
  • 7 Day Decluttering Plan - two versions
  • 30 Day Decluttering Plan - two options
  • 30 Day Decluttering Checklist
  • Monthly Decluttering Plan Calendar - Sunday and Monday start options
  • Seasonal Decluttering Goals
  • Top 3 Decluttering Goals

The 28 Day Declutter Challenge game has 28 spaces for you to color in or right in what you achieve each day for 28 days. It could be 28 days in a row, or 28 days in a month, or 28 days at any time at all, they don't even have to be sequential. Choose what you're tracking with the little checkboxes at the bottom or write in your own. Put it somewhere you'll see it every day and work towards winning the Declutter Challenge.

Why 28 days? Because it will fit inside any month and is a perfect four weeks.

You may notice that I'm not giving you a list of what to do each day for a challenge. That's because those lists never seem to apply to everyone. And in my experience, when you can't complete a challenge because that day doesn't apply to you, you lose your momentum. You simply just don't do anything that day.

The Clutter Free Land game has 100 spaces and three Milestone markers for you to fill in with whatever you like. The Milestones are perfect for little rewards along the way! Each space equals whatever you want it to be, it could be an amount of time, like 10 minutes, the number of things decluttered, or even the weight of all that stuff. You can use the banner at the top for your start and finish dates, your goal, your results, or whatever you like.

The Clutter Be Gone 100 Doodles pages are as simple as it gets, each doodle equals whatever you want it to; a bag or a  box or time spent. With five versions, Clutter, Clothes, Kids Clothes, Papers, and Books (the books page has 20 stacks of 10 books)

Again with a banner at the top for you to write in your goal or your reward or anything you want to remember on this chart. 

The Declutter 1000 Things tracker turns a big job into 1000 tiny bites. Color in the spaces as you get stuff out of your house, using a different color for each day, each week, or each month. Conveniently marked in sets of 25 for easier tracking. 

The Decluttering Log and Room by Room Decluttering Log tracks your time spent in each room and what you accomplished. 

And More!

These decluttering pages are different, they're totally customizable to whatever you want to accomplish. You don't have to follow someone else's plan, but there's enough structure to them to keep you going every day. Most other decluttering Pages I've seen are a chore in and of themselves, especially if you struggle with being organized and tracking things.

These pages were designed to make decluttering fun, especially for us visual people.

I mean really, if you were already an organized, list-making, check off the Box master, you would have made your own giant list already, done all the work, and checked everything off, wouldn't you?

These are especially good if you don't know where to start. all it takes is some work each day. It doesn't matter what that work is, what matters is that you've done something each day.

So choose a room, pick an easy, small space to start, and just do that one space. Tomorrow, do it again.


This is a digital download for you to print yourself, you will receive an emailed link after checkout. Nothing will be mailed to you.

All pages are black and white for you to color in yourself.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 59 reviews
    Great charts

    Great charts, very easy to use

    Decluttering Pack

    Love it - working on moving my craft room, creating shelving space, and re-sorting 100+ bolts of fabric. Enjoying every minute of it. Next job is sort 1000 patterns! then on to the trim and notions.

    I Wish I Didn't Need This :D

    I am a third generation keeper of all things with a large, homeschooled family AND we are moving soon after 20 years in one home. This packet is amazing. I get pretty moody as to how I want to tackle things (one day I'm counting items I've purged, one day I'm getting rid of boxes, all days I feel like a mess) and this allows me to choose the page that fits my mood and run with it. Plus, some of the pages are fun enough to get the kids involved and interested. I refuse to take clutter and junk with me with I move, so this is the ULTIMATE countdown and I'm thrilled to have a way to track what feels like a huge mountain with no end. SEEING progress, especially when getting rid of clutter, is such a huge motivator. This is GOLD.

    Decluttering Pack

    This was a great choice for my 2021 Declutter Challenge. I was able to choose the sheets that I felt would help me start AND be successful. Got the grandkids to help with coloring in some squares, lots of counting and coloring for them and I'm feeling accomplished by getting stuff decluttered and out of the house. Thank you for sharing and hoping you can get back on your decluttering track soon too.


    the variety to keep organize I just love it.


    Let customers speak for us

    2004 reviews
    Amazing way to start a new year in a new way

    I started off with checkbook registers as a child. I had microsoft money when I went to "grow up" with my first computer in the past before they discontinued it. It makes me sad as I did like that despite never using it for any budgeting purposes persay but having all my bills in it for a 12 month view made it pretty easy to "visually budget". I've tried quicken for pc and for mac and it's okay until they force me to upgrade to the next year version. I've tried simple excel worksheets and complex ones. NOTHING seems to keep me motivated now that I'm getting serious about getting out of debt. I started this at the beginning of 2021. I downloaded several of Ms. Nash's bundles and separate sheets and what I've found that works for me is a mixture of them all (despite some being pretty much the same thing but slightly different). Going back to what first worked... I incorporated all her forms with a simple checkbook register (but printed on computer paper instead of the tiny book) and it's all in a binder. I went fancy with the heavy duty "better" binder from staples and pre-printed monthly dividers. I've colored in nearly all the monthly quotes which definitely make me think and make things more fun. I bought colorful erasable pens and what I've found by pulling out this book which is mostly Ms. Nash's charts, I'm actually looking forward to having some "color time" while updating bills/income/etc and I spend more time paying attention to the numbers than I ever had before. I second guess purchases to make myself not have to "write" as much down AND.... I'VE GOT MY HUSBAND ON BOARD!!! By putting it on paper with all my "silly colorful charts", my husband is looking at them and pulling the book out on his own to look at how things are going. In our 8 years of marriage and 10 years of being together, honestly, I've always handled the money stuff and he just expected things to work out. When stress of "how is this going to end up" when I started my Dave Ramsey journey a few years ago, it definitely doesn't work well when only one is on board. Finally, this method has brought us together. Granted, he DOESNT write anything at all down, but he's very interested in seeing how we made the goals and what we're looking like through the month. We are dreaming of the future for the first time! SO EXCITED!

    I love the Debt Free Chart

    Amazing Tool...Easy to use, keeps you accountable, you see the results and you want to keep going. I do recommend using this chart.

    Exactly what I needed - 30 day challenge

    Sometimes you need a short time based goal to kick you into gear and get you to focus on a 30 day challenge, 1 day at a time. This pack is exactly what you need. And I needed. Sometimes it’s just easier to focus on a 30 day goal to keep you going into long term changes. This pack is perfect, love it.

    Create a habit!

    I love these charts! They say it takes 30 days to create a habit, well this chart will keep me on track for that! So excited.


    I keep coming back for more charts.