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Moneyopoly Tracking Chart
Moneyopoly Tracking Chart
Moneyopoly Tracking Chart
Moneyopoly Tracking Chart
Moneyopoly Tracking Chart
Moneyopoly Tracking Chart

Moneyopoly Tracking Chart

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Have FUN paying off your debts with this game chart inspired by the classic Monopoly.

Each side of the game board is 25% of the total.

Write in your total savings goal in the space in the center (where the Chance or Community Chest cards would go in the original). Divide your total goal by 100, that is how much each line equals.

In the corners write in your 25% milestone amounts.

Start at GO and color in one line for each 1/100th of the total.

Note: There are 12 "Properties" on each side, each "Property" is made up of four lines to color in. All together that makes 24 lines per side. That is 96 total. The other four can be either the corner milestones and Winner space, OR can be the quote cards in the center of each side. In the colored example the corners and Winner space are counted in the game and the quote spaces are pre-colored and not used during the game. I hope that makes sense.

There are many ways you can color and write in this chart. As long as your method makes sense to you, go for it.

Here are some options:

  • You can color in the Property headers ahead of time, and color in the lines as you go (as shown)
  • You can color in the Property header each time you complete 4 lines
  • You can write the date inside the lines or in the Property header
  • You can write the total for four lines inside the Property header

Comes with two versions, one with quotes and one without so you can write in your own.

Get your game ON!.


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Megan Nash

Moneyopoly Tracking Chart

Lindie Harmsen

Moneyopoly Tracking Chart

Sanna McComas
Fun and motivational!

Great tool to give myself and my kids a visual of how much we’ve paid off/saved. These trackers motivate my kids to save money and helps them see that there is an end to the journey. They have even decided a couple of times to forego eating out so we can put that money toward coloring another square!

Mercedes Atwood


Vanessa Harmon

It's fun to use.


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Keep me honest

I love these trackers! They really keep me honest and motivated! I look forward to coloring in my sections each month. I have even shared the site with friends and family so they can also see the benefits of visual tracking!! So much fun.

Bank Loan Tracking Chart
Katarzyna Grzyl

After getting all frustrated about how long and tedious the process of getting rid of all our debts was, I found your charts and when I started coloring them I suddenly realized that the process was not as stagnant as I supposed it was and it gave me a fresh perspective and some hope of actually achieving my goals! Thank you!

Paid off my credit card chart

Such a great way to keep our credit card debt on track and enjoying our kids being able to be part of it too!



Great Chart

These charts are so motivating! I put it on my fridge to keep track of progress.