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Have FUN paying off your debts with this vintage game inspired chart.

Each side of the game board is 25% of the total.

Write in your total savings goal in the space in the center (where the Chance or Community Chest cards would go in the original). Divide your total goal by 100, that is how much each line equals.

In the corners write in your 25% milestone amounts.

Start at GO and color in one line for each 1/100th of the total.

Note: There are 12 "Properties" on each side, each "Property" is made up of four lines to color in. All together that makes 24 lines per side. That is 96 total. The other four can be either the corner milestones and Winner space, OR can be the quote cards in the center of each side. In the colored example the corners and Winner space are counted in the game and the quote spaces are pre-colored and not used during the game. I hope that makes sense.

There are many ways you can color and write in this chart. As long as your method makes sense to you, go for it.

Here are some options:

  • You can color in the Property headers ahead of time, and color in the lines as you go (as shown)
  • You can color in the Property header each time you complete 4 lines
  • You can write the date inside the lines or in the Property header
  • You can write the total for four lines inside the Property header

Comes with two versions, one with quotes and one without so you can write in your own.

Get your game ON!.



Why are some charts free and others aren't? - Check out this blog post that explains it. 

Exactly HOW do the charts work? - Check out the How To page for a full tutorial.

Can I print extra charts to give out? - Please use the charts as often as you need for your personal goals, and feel free to print a few extras of the FREE charts and share them with your friends or in your Financial classes (but please DO NOT share the PDF files or upload into Facebook Groups). That said, it would be BETTER if you could send people to download their own from the website, as that way we can keep track of the free charts given away for our Impossible Goal.

Why do I have to enter billing information if I’m only getting free charts? - In order to keep track of the FREE charts given away, all transactions go through the checkout system. If you have selected  free charts only, the system will skip over the actual billing information.

Why do I have to enter my mailing address? Are you mailing the charts to me? - We really only need a valid email address to deliver the download links to (nothing is mailed to you), but the system we are using won’t allow us to eliminate the unneeded information fields. If you prefer, you can enter a dummy physical address (I like 123 Easy Street ;D).

How do I get my charts? - Download links will be delivered via email immediately after checkout.

What do the charts look like? - Each chart is a single page and will look exactly like what is pictured, but without the colored portion (that's for you to color in as you work toward your goal).

How can I get some charts without using my credit card? - You may checkout with PayPal, no credit card needed if you have your bank account linked to PayPal.

The download link isn’t working, what should I do? - Some phones have trouble with the files, and we don’t know why, so we recommend downloading on a computer. If you are having trouble on a computer too, try another browser as that usually resolves the issue. If you still can’t get it to work, contact support@debtfreecharts.com

I want to use the charts but I don’t have a printer, can you mail them to me? - Unfortunately we can’t mail any printed charts out. However, many people have had success taking or emailing the file to a local office supply or copy shop for printing, or even a local library. 

I am trying to have a local office store print the charts but they won’t because of the copyright, what do I do? - The copyright should not prevent you from printing the charts for your own use, but if you do have any trouble, simply show this FAQ to them that says we allow printing for personal use.

I would love you to make a custom chart for me, how much would that cost? - While we can’t offer custom charts any more, we are interested in hearing what you want and are always adding customer suggestions to our list. In fact, most of the new charts that get created and made available are because someone like you made the suggestion. So if you have an idea for a chart you’d like to see in the store, please email us at support@debtfreecharts.com


Thank you for using Debt Free Charts, and I wish you well on your journey to debt freedom!