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Credit Card blank Tracking Chart
Credit Card blank Tracking Chart
Credit Card blank Tracking Chart

Credit Card blank Tracking Chart

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This Credit Card chart you can customize with the name of the store, card, or bank in the top blank space. A black Sharpie is recommended for filling in the custom name, so that when you color in the chart it won't smudge.

Pay off those credit cards from smallest balance to largest. Don't be tempted to pay off the card with the big balance and high interest rate first. That may sound logical, but you are more likely to lose your momentum when the number is big and you don't see quick progress. Getting out of debt isn't about Math, it's about Momentum.

Both the Original black background and the Outline versions in one file, you get both automatically!

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Creative and fun way to keep organized while becoming debt free!

Mary Jones

I've seen plenty of trackers but this one is simple, to the point, and easy to color in. Progress is very visual. Love how I can have several of these forms since there is a space to put in which credit card I'm tracking. Love it!

Christie Smith
Becoming Debt Free

I love these charts! I am working slowly but surely on reducing debt but having these charts allows us to see progress. I also love to color as it is a stress reliever! Thank you so much for sharing with us! I would recommend these charts!

Fantastic Printables

I printed out the Credit Card printable. We have just started a budget to get our credit cards paid off this year. This is a great printable to track the payments and watch the debt go down. It’s very encouraging to see it on a chart. It seems to help the mind keep going with the pay down process when you can see it. Can’t wait for all the lines to be colored in!

Great chart!

I appreciate the fun of using this chart! Thank you.


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Paid Off! Tracking Chart

Love it really helpful

These trackers was very helpful to me in my journey to a debt life

Amazing, I love it!

I love this book and the charts. It helps keep me on track to paying off debt and saving money. I would absolutely recommend it and I have recommended it to family and friends.

Makes something not so fun…FUN!

I love the visual reminder & representation of my hard work through the debt free charts. It makes something not so fun like budgeting & keeping track of debt actually fun! Highly recommend downloading & printing off this simple, easy to use tracker.

Money Games - Debt Freedom - eBook
My honest and open debt diary
Everything and more

Super impressed! I’ve been using the digital charts for awhile now it’s because of these debt charts I’ve managed to get focused pay down some debts. I really like colouring them in and seeing a visual of where I’m upto every month. I’m in the uk and this is priced really reasonably, this book is going to last me a long time. I am in debt so I’ll be using the debt free charts to start, then moving on to all the lovely saving goals and challenges. If you want to sort your own finances out you need to start with this book there is also so many helpful tips too for how to make payments avalanche/snowball methods. This book is a massive help to getting yourself on the right path financially seeing clearly where you are now and what you want to achieve for yourself.