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Months of the Year - Lettering Tracker
Months of the Year - Lettering Tracker
Months of the Year - Lettering Tracker
Months of the Year - Lettering Tracker
Months of the Year - Lettering Tracker
Months of the Year - Lettering Tracker

Months of the Year - Lettering Tracker

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One Thing. There is One Thing, if you did it every day for a year, that would completely change your life. Make keeping that daily habit fun by coloring in this daily tracker. 

Some ideas of what to track:

  • Daily Exercise (two colors: yes/no)
  • Spending Tracker (three or more colors: No Spend/Low Spend/Overspend)
  • Daily Reading (as many colors as you like, change colors monthly or daily)
  • Mood Tracker (a'la Year in Pixels, create a legend at the bottom for your colors/meanings)
  • Daily Money Habit (updating your spending tracker, checking your balance, etc.)
  • So many more!

Comes with four options:

  • Dates/Shadows 
  • Dates/No Shadows
  • No Dates/Shadows
  • No Dates/No Shadows

Hang it up on your fridge for a daily reminder, put it in the front of your budget binder, or fold it up as a bookmark inside your Bible/book.

While made to print out, it can be used digitally with an iPad/Tablet with an appropriate note-taking app.


Instant Digital Download - nothing will be shipped.

For personal use only. 


Customer Reviews

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Annie Kelly
Versatile and fun~

I can use this for all sorts of goals- steps, water, exercise... anything! I love this :)

Bridge b

was good size to use for my goas

Motivating Me

Tracking made easy with a YES/NO color and motivating me to color in YES more! Easy to see the year in one page and see how I did!

months of the year tracker

I love to use this for habits I'm trying to improve on, like taking a daily walk, remembering to take my meds, no diet soda day, etc. Thanks for making this!

Joan Young-Santiago
It's cute

I like this set of calendar name, if you're reading this you may also.


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Susan Carton-Lopez
Love it!

My husband and I are just getting started on the journey of paying off our debts with the Ramsey baby steps. It’s a daunting process, but the Game of Loans debt payoff tracker makes it almost fun and helps keep us motivated to reach our goals. We’re also using the spending tracker because, let’s face it, not tracking our spending is how we got into this mess. Thank you so much for making these!

It’s nice and it helps me

I am from Germany and I cannot write English but I like it and love it😂

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Great tracker!

Great tracker!

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