Gratitude Journal - Heart
Gratitude Journal - Heart
Gratitude Journal - Heart

Gratitude Journal - Heart

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I’ve noticed that when I intentionally focus on my blessings, I see more of them. 

And it's not just me, there's an actual Scientific term for it too, it's called a Frequency Illusion, and it basically means you see more of what you look for.

Gratitude is the antidote. Gratitude refocuses us on the positives in our lives, it grounds us in the good. And when we focus on the positives, we find more and more to be thankful for.

If you’ve found yourself only noticing the struggle, the hard, the mess ups, it’s time to shift that focus in a new direction.

Notice what’s working, notice your blessings, notice the beauty, notice your successes.

I love this Gratitude Journal because all it takes is one line a day, and a whole month fits on one sheet of paper.

Plus it's fun to fill out going around the heart like that, it looks amazing when it's filled in even if you aren't artsy or don't have fancy handwriting.

Start with Gratitude for the simple things, it doesn’t have to be profound. Just write down one thing you are thankful for every day, without repeats, and do that for a month. Your whole outlook will change!

There are 12 different pages, perfect for using one every month, but that's not a rule.

Use them however works for you:

  • one line a day every month
  • four or five lines a day to fill a sheet every week
  • or do a full sheet in one go at the start of every week or month.

Having a down day? Challenge yourself to fill up a whole sheet in one sitting. You are bound to shift your outlook and feel better after writing down 30 things to be thankful for!

Slip one inside each month of your yearly planner, or use them on their own on a clipboard or on your refrigerator, or even folded up in your purse to carry with you.

Excellent for those who keep meaning to journal, but for whom it just doesn't come naturally, or when life feels too busy to fit it in.

"I love your gratitude journal! I sat in a workshop that emphasized how important daily gratitude is for routines. I was so overwhelmed with the how and what it should look like... then here you solved it. And it isn't straight lines that are staring at me to freak me out. Simple, cute, and easy. Thank you for solving the problem my brain weasels were chewing on before they could really ramp things up. " - Kat P
"This is a nice way for a non-journaler to have interact with a gratitude journal. One line and done, but visually stimulating and satisfying." - Micki
"Love the elegance of the design. Suggestions on how to use are very helpful. Sometimes I get intimidated by gratitude journals - NOT this one! So easy to complete I feel successful instead of defeated :)" - Kim S.

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Amanda Osenga
Such a cute way to show gratitude!

I love this so much. It's so cute and it's easy to use. A daily gratitude practice has been part of my life for years now and this is my favorite way I've recorded so far :)

Ave Perham
Gratitude Journal - Heart

Quickly delivered to my inbox and printed out beautifully -can't wait to complete my year of Gratitude and so much more appealing than a notebook. Thank you!

Grateful for Gratitude

I love how easy this gratitude journal makes implementing a daily gratitude routine. The fact that each of the 12 pages aren't month specific means it is each to pick and choose what will fit each month (and I have the option to choose whether to use the same page for multiple months or not to use other ones that don't work for me right now).

Love It!

It's beautiful! I plan to start this in the new year!

Lauren Friedman
a unique and helpful gratitude journal!

I was so glad to have found this gratitude journal/tracker. I have not seen anything like it before, and I think it's a tool that I will use for the foreseeable future, rather than trying to figure out some method of tracking gratitude half-heartedly on my own in my bullet journal. I'm certain I will stick with this because I have such a wonderful tool to help me. Much appreciated!


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Love this!

Works perfectly for keeping track of our debt journey!!

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Nichole Clark
Van Loan

Thank you for the van chart. Seeing the loan amount in person and my progress helps me make principal payments!

Credit Card
Megan Ahnert
Love these!

I downloaded two debt free charts to help us visualize paying off credit card debt and a car loan! It is so great to have these where we can see them and also fun to color in when we make payments! Thanks for the downloads!!

3 Month Emergency Fund
Marcianna Rivera
Awesome charts!

These charts are so helpful. They are a great visual for tracking goals.

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Kasia Inne

Great Tracer! I recommend to everyone :)