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Bible Reading Trackers
Bible Reading Trackers
Bible Reading Trackers
Bible Reading Trackers

Bible Reading Trackers

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Reading through the whole Bible is such a great goal, whether you do it in one year or several.

Track your progress with these super cute Bible Reading printables.

One style is a bookshelf with all the books of the Bible as individual books and potted plants just for fun. There is room on the big potted plants to write in the year, or the start and finish dates if you like.

The other style is more like the 100 Doodles charts, with individual books in a grid. The Protestant version has an extra line under the title for you to write in the year or your start and finish dates.

When you finish reading a book color it in, or color in each book a little at a time until it's done.

There are many ways to organize your quest to read through the Bible

  • Read through the Bible in a year, Genesis to Revelation
  • Read through the Bible chronologically
  • Read 15 minutes a day for a year
  • Listen to the Bible on audio
  • Read through topically with guided BIble studies

However you do it, add coloring in these pages to your routine and feel another layer of satisfaction to reaching your goal.

Perfect to add to your disc-bound planner or binder, or print on a sheet of sticker paper and stick it inside your bound planner. Pretty enough to display on your fridge or bulletin board too! Or you could even keep it super simple and just fold it up and keep it inside your Bible.


Comes with both Protestant (66 books) and Catholic (73 books) versions.


Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Suzanne MacLellan
Such a lovely Bible tracker!

This is the nicest Bible tracker I’ve seen yet.
I like how it categorizes the books so you know what you’re about to read. I’m very happy with it! Highly recommend 👏😊

Kaity D.
Very fun and helpful tool

This is the first time in my walk with God that I've gotten into a strong rhythm of reading the Bible, and it's largely due to having this tracker.

I am working on reading the Bible as a daily habit, and this tracker helps me see where I'm at (and I'm a visual learner so it's helpful to see all the books). I'm using the bookshelf design, and I love that Heidi organized the books by genre.

Thanks, God, for the resources to get this tool and thanks to Heidi for her work!

Love them!

We are reading through the Bible in 3 years as a family (approx 1 chapter per day). This chart is perfect in helping us keep track of the books of the Bible as we read them.

Flor Mazeda
I just LOVE, LOVE, Love this!!!

As a visual learner this Bible Trackers are the perfect way to keep me going on my Bible reading. I used to get lost or forget what book I was reading or had read. This lovely trackers keep me motivated and on track!!

Sarah C
A Fun Tracker!

With all the variations, there's definitely one for you! I enjoy this, as it really visually breaks down a large complicated book into tasks that feel manageable. I'm a sucker for coloring pages and visuals, but this one more than any really helps me reach my goals.


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This is just the thing I needed!


it is helpful to track your debt. Lines are a bit small to fit the amounts in

Debt is Going Down
Laura Schultz
Free and Easy to Print

Love the designs!

Michael Baker

This is my 3rd chart. So helpful to visualize

Love them!!!

Great charts! They are definitely keeping me motivated on my debt free journey!