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Decluttering Fun Printable Pack

If you're anything like me, you need all the help you can get when it comes to getting the clutter out. That's why I made these pages to add more fun to the sometimes overwhelming job of decluttering. 

I know from experience that making a game out of the tasks and goals you have can add a super welcome element of fun to the job. 

I am so pleased that my Decluttering Fun Printable Pack is included in the Ultimate Bundles 2021 Homemaking Bundle!

I’ve purchased several Ultimate Bundles in the past, and they are always chock-full of great stuff. Naturally, not everything in the bundles is a perfect fit for me, but there is so much in them that they have always delivered a ton of value for the price. So, I was thrilled to be included this year!

I went all out and designed a brand new 28 day game just for decluttering. That one page stirred up a lot of ideas and eventually became this 19-page Decluttering Printables pack that is sure to help you stay motivated to declutter.

These decluttering pages are different, they're totally customizable to whatever you want to accomplish. You don't have to follow someone else's plan, but there's enough structure to them to keep you going every day. Most other decluttering pages I've seen are a chore in and of themselves, especially if you struggle with being organized and tracking things.

There are 19 pages in this set:

  • 28 Day Clutter Challenge
  • Clutter Free Land
  • Clutter Be Gone - 100 Clutter Doodles
  • Clutter Be Gone - 100 Clothes Doodles
  • Clutter Be Gone - 100 Papers Doodles
  • Clutter Be Gone - 100 Kids Clothes Doodles
  • Clutter Be Gone - 20 Stacks of Books (200 books total)
  • 1000 Decluttered Things
  • Decluttering Log - two versions
  • 7 Day Decluttering Plan - two versions
  • 30 Day Decluttering Plan - two options
  • 30 Day Decluttering Checklist
  • Monthly Decluttering Plan Calendar - Sunday and Monday start options
  • Seasonal Decluttering Goals
  • Top 3 Decluttering Goals

My Favorites

It’s a little hard to choose favorites, as every page has something special about it, but I have a soft spot for these.

The 28 Day Declutter Challenge game has 28 spaces for you to color in or right in what you achieve each day for 28 days. It could be 28 days in a row, or 28 days in a month, or 28 days at any time at all, they don't even have to be sequential. Choose what you're tracking with the little checkboxes at the bottom or write in your own. Put it somewhere you'll see it every day and work towards winning the Declutter Challenge.

Why 28 days? Because it will fit inside any month and is a perfect four weeks.

You may notice that I'm not giving you a list of what to do each day for a challenge. That's because those lists never seem to apply to everyone. And in my experience, when you can't complete a challenge because that day doesn't apply to you, you lose your momentum. You simply just don't do anything that day.

The Clutter Free Land game has 100 spaces and three Milestone markers for you to fill in with whatever you like. The Milestones are perfect for little rewards along the way! Each space equals whatever you want it to be, it could be an amount of time, like 10 minutes, the number of things decluttered, or even the weight of all that stuff. You can use the banner at the top for your start and finish dates, your goal, your results, or whatever you like.

The Clutter Be Gone 100 Doodles pages are as simple as it gets, each doodle equals whatever you want it to; a bag or a  box or time spent. With five versions, Clutter, Clothes, Kids Clothes, Papers, and Books (the books page has 20 stacks of 10 books)

Again with a banner at the top for you to write in your goal or your reward or anything you want to remember on this chart. 

The Declutter 1000 Things tracker turns a big job into 1000 tiny bites. Color in the spaces as you get stuff out of your house, using a different color for each day, each week, or each month. Conveniently marked in sets of 25 for easier tracking.


You get the whole 19 page pack when you get the Ultimate Bundles 2021 Homemaking Bundle, which has so many great homemaking resources, all for just $37!! What!?! It’s like buying two or three products and getting 45 FREE!

The Homemaking Bundle is only available until May 24th, so don’t delay or you’ll miss it!


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I purchased and downloaded many of the money/debt tracking charts. I like that you can color them how you want or purchased color print versions. When I look at our finance board in our room it looks less daunting and more achievable just from these charts. Thank you for these wonderful resources to help us little people stay on track and keep our money strait!

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I want to say thank you Heidi for these amazing charts. I love them and use it for everything. I have forms on my bathroom wall where i can see my progress. I currently have the Christmas chart and I'm saving for Christmas. I am almost halfway from my desired goal. Our currency in South Africa is in Rands and my current savings is R10 000. I have my daily challenges in order to save small amounts of money and it really adds up. Even saving R5 a day makes a huge difference . Coloring in those charts are fhe fun part because you can see the progress. Saving for a car as well. Have been driving my one for almost 14 years but I want to buy a car cash. Thank you for giving me the ability to do that. Then I have the 2 that I'm paying of debt. Progressing very well. I have shared these charts with my sister and friends and are super excited. Wish I could sent a photo of my charts. I'm super excited. Thank you Heidi. You have taken me to a place where I will be debt free one day. You have given me the tools to do that and I am ever grateful to you. May you be blessed in abundance for what you are doing for us..you are awesome