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How To Stay Motivated and Finally Get that Decluttering Done!

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have heard what I’ve been up to lately. It’s already bringing me a lot of peace and contentment, and I hope it can bring you the same. Here goes … 

I’m working on a 28 Day Declutter Challenge.

I had to muster up the courage even to post that because, let’s face it, decluttering can be hard.

And posting the challenge means, well, I have to do it.

If you’re like me, maybe you’ve put off decluttering your house for a while. And because I know this is an area where I can’t be the only one who struggles … 

I’ve created a whole Decluttering Pack to help you get started and stay motivated on your decluttering journey.

These charts are meant to show your progress so it doesn’t just seem like you’re looking at the same mountain of stuff every day. You’ll be able to see your progress and gain the motivation to move forward.

Track Your Decluttering Progress for Major Motivation

The hardest part about decluttering for me is that it can seem overwhelming. That’s why I created these charts--to help anyone who’s in the same boat. If you can measure and see your progress, it will be so much easier to stick with it.

You can track progress in so many ways with these charts. Track ...

  • The number of items you’ve gotten rid of with the 1000 Decluttered Things chart
  • The number of days you’ve decluttered with the 28 Day Declutter Challenge
  • The amount of time you’ve spent decluttering with the Decluttering Log and Room by Room Decluttering Log
  • Your plan for decluttering with the 7 Day or 30 Day Decluttering Plans (each has two options, so you can pick which one you like best!)
  • Your decluttering goals for every season with the Seasonal Decluttering Goals chart

… Or set your own goals with some just-for-fun charts including Clutter Free Land and the Clutter Be Gone chart of 100 clutter doodles. Color in doodles as you get stuff out of your house, win the game of decluttering, and finally enjoy your home!

Decluttering? How to Decide What Stays and What Goes
My 10 Minute Decluttering Trick

The Charts I’m Using Right Now

There are 18 pages in this brand-new set. I’m focusing on just a few for my own decluttering. 

In addition to the 28 Day Decluttering Challenge, I’m using the 7 Day Decluttering Plan to focus on one room per week. The Room by Room Decluttering Log will help me track my progress even beyond the 28 days of this challenge. And the Clutter Free Land game is where I’m tracking my total minutes decluttering (each space is 10 minutes).

How to stay motivated and finally get that decluttering done

Join the Challenge

So many people on Instagram have already committed to the 28 Day Declutter Challenge. And I’m already seeing the benefits of it in my life. Counters are reappearing, broken items are finally leaving the house, and, best of all, I’m starting to feel a real sense of peace in my home.

There’s one really great reason to join me right now: you can get the Decluttering Set FREE for a limited time.

Ready to join the challenge? Grab your charts here.

Getting Started

These pages were designed to make decluttering fun, especially for us visual people. It doesn’t matter what work you’ve done--it just matters that you’ve done something each day.

My biggest tip on how to get started if you are totally overwhelmed is this: 

Start small.

Just pick an easy, small VISIBLE space that you feel you can complete in under 15 minutes, and move through that one space.

I say VISIBLE because you want to SEE your progress in your space. I'm not doing drawers and cupboards for this challenge, I'm focusing on the surfaces, countertops, tables, shelves, etc.

Repeat for 28 days.

Declutter one tiny space, that takes no more than 10-15 minutes, every day, and you'll see sooooo much progress by the end of the Challenge.

My biggest hurdle is just starting, once I'm going, I do just fine. So I made my Challenge to just commit to 10 minutes of decluttering a day. It's small enough that it doesn't stop me. I tend to think that if I don't have an hour, then I don't have time to declutter, which I know is a bunch of malarkey, but it stops me nonetheless.

Now I realize that 10 minutes might not seem like much, but it's already making a visible difference!

After decluttering the most visible counter area in my kitchen today, I could totally feel the difference every time I walked in. I felt lighter.

I can already feel that I'm on a roll. It's going to be such a huge blessing to myself and my family to get this stuff out!

I hope we all come out of this 28 Day Declutter Challenge feeling more peaceful. And if the decluttering bug bites you during the challenge, just pick up your next decluttering chart, set your goal, and keep right on going.

Let’s declutter together with the Decluttering Pack!


Have you tried using the decluttering pack? Let me know how your experience went in the comment section below!

Decluttering? How to Decide What Stays and What Goes
My 10 Minute Decluttering Trick

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