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Monthly Income Sources

We all need to be reminded that money doesn't just come from our paychecks. Even finding a few coins on the ground is something I like to be very aware of. I call those coins "Pennies from Heaven", and they remind me that there is always more money coming into my life.

Too often we focus on the lack of money, on the wishing we had more, but at the same time we aren't really aware of the true amount we do have each month.

When money shows up in our lives that isn't from a paycheck we tend to treat it like "free money" that has no purpose other than to spend. So we spend it, usually on some unnecessary or unmeaningful thing. It comes in and goes back out. 

I noticed that I was doing this, and I wanted to stop blowing those seemingly small amounts. So I started thinking of all money that shows up as income, income to use toward my goal of getting out of debt, and it really made a big difference.

This page will help you notice ALL the money you have available to put to work toward your goals, and I'm sure it's more than you think.

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How to Use the Monthly Income Sources Tracker

Every time money comes into your hands, write it on this sheet.

1. Write down where the money came from in the What column.

2. Check off the appropriate category.

There are seven category columns for checking off:

Paychecks - self explanatory

Side Hustle - money from your second job, small business startup, or freelancing

Sales - money from stuff you've sold, big or small, whether a car or your maternity clothes

Refunds - return something you purchased and get that money back (obviously this isn't true income, but it is still money you can shift toward your goals so I included it)

Finds - the coins you find on the ground or in the change dispenser, the $20 bill you discover in a purse in the closet

And two blank columns if you need them for other sources, perhaps Gifts or Gift Cards or ?

3. Write the amount in the right hand column.

4. At the end of the month add it all up.

This is your true income, the actual amount you have to use for reaching your goals.

Notice the columns with all those checkmarks for where your money comes from. Those columns are there for awareness, so you can SEE the truth about your income.

Some months will be higher than others, but I bet you'll be surprised the first month you complete this sheet. 

This is just one page from the Big Finance Pack, which is chock-full of useful and fun pages to help you get your entire money life on track.

You can find the rest of the pack HERE.


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