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Soar that Score - Credit Score Tracker
Soar that Score - Credit Score Tracker
Soar that Score - Credit Score Tracker
Soar that Score - Credit Score Tracker
Soar that Score - Credit Score Tracker

Soar that Score - Credit Score Tracker

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Ahhh, the Credit Score. Some Financial Gurus love them, some hate them, some say you don't need them at all.

In an ideal situation, yeah, we'd all just pay cash for everything and never need a Credit Score. But for many of us who want to buy a house (especially for those in high cost of living areas), it's just not going to happen with cash, and manual underwriting, while possible and effective, isn't common, which makes it harder to get done.

So let's just say we may not like the idea of an I Love Debt Score, uh, I mean Credit Score, but if you want to buy a house in the near future (or refinance a mortgage), improving your Credit Score is the way to get the best possible interest rate.

So here is a set of graph charts to keep track of how your Credit Score improves as you take control of your money.

This chart (and the other graphs) is a great option for both visual and nerdy number people (and if you are both of those, double trouble!).

Those who tested these for me liked three different versions for very good reasons, so instead of limiting everyone to the most popular version, I decided to include all three in this pack, plus each comes with and without the months filled in.

The three versions included are:

  • Two Year Tracker - Designed for tracking one to three credit sources. Use a different color for each source (i.e. red for Credit Sesame, blue for TransUnion, green for Credit Karma) and plot dots on the graph. There are 24 spaces at the bottom for tracking the specific monthly numbers. See the example photo for more clarity on the use. 
  • One Year Single Score Tracker - This one is best for tracking a single source. With data fields on the right side for writing down the exact numbers each month, the amount of change, and notes.
  • One Year Multi Score Tracker - Made for the Number Nerds out there who loooovvvve data, this one has space at the bottom for tracking up to five individual score sources, plus room for notes each month.
  • All three come in two versions, one with the months filled in, one blank so you can start any month.


There are four other Graph-based tracking charts, and you can get all five together in a bundle and Save! Get it here >https://debtfreecharts.com/products/graph-your-money-bundle

This is a digital download, you get immediate access, and can print as many times as you like. Nothing will be shipped.

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she duck
Love it

Working through debt with your teen has never been more fun! Thank you.

Debt Free Charts

Love them! So good to see my progress when the leaves are coloured in!

Love that this one has 200 spaces

I really like that this one has 200 spaces. I have had a Dave Ramsey chart hanging on my refrigerator for 7 years but you don't get to update the mortgage payoff very often. I downloaded this one because every house payment is one block right now. It helps to make progress you can see EVERY SINGLE MONTH. Thank you for this incentive!

Stupid Tax
Awesome chart

I was very sad to use this chart because my tax really is stupid, but I love that I can track my progress so easily. It makes me feel good to know that I'm getting rid of the stupid tax!

Debt Free Chart
Darlene Tremblay
Love the charts

Printed out a few and couldn’t wait to start using them.
They were designed very well.
Thank you for creating them.