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Conquer that Mountain
mountain climb checkpoint 100 steps climber reaching the summit goal tracking progress printable chart
Conquer that Mountain

Conquer that Mountain

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This chart idea has been on my mind ever since the similar Coloring Page was released, and it's finally done!

Broken into 10% chunks, a big goal doesn't feel so daunting when you can go from one checkpoint to the next. 10% seems just so "doable", which means you'll stay motivated and reach your goals faster!

This chart can be used for so many different goals and healthy habits.  From debt and savings, to exercise, workouts, weight loss tracking, even tracking time writing or reading or???  

"This is a fantastic chart! Not just for debt, but for pretty much any project." - Christine

"I think a lot of these cutesy fun charts are perfect for those of us who want to get our children involved in our journey and teach them the importance of budgeting and finances." - Melanie

" I might love it for tracking exercise--if each box was a day, by the time I got to the top, the habit would be set." - Molly

"I like how it's clearly broken into 10% increments" - Tiffany

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Fredrick Lee
Conquer That Mountain

This is our 8-10th chart to fill in. We just started it but know it will serve the purpose. We highly recommend these charts to achieve ANY goals you're want to accomplish.

Super cool

First time that I purchased something like this and I love it !
It really motivates me ;)

Katie Shaw
Conquer the Mountain

I love my chart. It’s so pretty all coloured in and it will be so motivating to use.

Nicole Notario-Risk
Perfect as a weight loss tracker

I love the mountain chart as a weight loss tracker. It works perfectly because I can write my weekly weight loss number in each square and still color in the overall progress. I upload it to my GoodNotes app in my digital planner. Really fun to color that way. Thanks!

Annamaria Alfonso
Love these charts!

I am saving money for the first time in my life thanks to these charts. Thank you!


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Personal Loan
Linda Dougherty
This will be a great visual!

Planning ahead, so I downloaded this chart. It will be great visual motivation when the personal loan is in place. Definitely recommend it! Thanks for making this and so many others available at no cost.

Verna Shelton
Debt free chart

This has been a big help to keep me on track, motivated, and accountable

Debt Free Chart
DeeAnne White
Loving my debt charts!

These are absolutely fabulous! I love using my charts. I just started and I’m looking forward to finishing them and sending you the picture afterwards.

The visual tool I needed

I love that this is a fun, visual tool. It reminds me that I am taking the steps needed to get out of debt. I have mixed up my colors a bit between my minimum payment and the extra to show myself how well I am doing.

Keeping me on track

This is a great visual to keep me accountable for paying off my credit cards.