Health & Fitness Tracking Pack
Health & Fitness Tracking Pack
Health & Fitness Tracking Pack
Health & Fitness Tracking Pack
Health & Fitness Tracking Pack

Health & Fitness Tracking Pack

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Keep track of your Health & Fitness goals with fun games and doodles too!
Because you know when it's fun to track your progress you stay more motivated! 

A fantastic addition to your fitness planner, or use them on their own for a boost of motivation.

Included in the Fitness Pack are:

  • 100 Miles game - great for walking, jogging, running, hiking, even swimming!
  • I can go the Distance game - customize for any distance goal, using any measurement
  • Healthy Habits game - so many uses, any healthy habit you want to do 100 times
  • 100 Hydration doodles
  • 100 Self Care doodles
  • 100 Healthy doodles - workout style
  • 100 Healthy Foods doodles (four pages)
  • Year in Pixels - record daily 
  • Rate my Plate - 2 week & 30 day versions
  • 30 Day Hydration Challenge
  • 30 Day Challenge - two versions, squares and flowers
  • Move my Body workout tracker
  • Gratidoodles - Makes keeping a gratitude journal fun and easy
  • Graph tracker - use for weight, steps, minutes of exercise, etc.

PLUS 4 NEW Pages for 2022

  • NEW - Fitness Goals Planner
  • NEW - Fitness Check-In Planner
  • NEW - Weekly Fitness Plan
  • NEW - Weekly Meal Plan

22 pages in all, and a $46 value, for just $14! That's 69% off!

"I am one of those people who will print ALL THE THINGS and then feel like I've failed if I don't keep up with them all, so over the last year I've adopted the "change one habit at a time" way of thinking...and this is absolutely perfect for that.

Scroll through the pages and print the one you are most ready to tackle.

Drinking water? Exercise? A Healthier Plate? Pick one. Work on it.

Don't let imperfection stop you...let progress PROPEL you. It makes an amazing difference, and these pages make it fun and lively.

If you're tired and wondering if you can do it, give this a chance.

These pages have a kind of energy that will boost yours, and the accomplishments of one healthy habit will lift you to a lifetime of making many more.

Whatever motivates or inspires you, you will find it in here!" - Sarah C.



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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Verna Shelton
Healthy me

Thank you for creating such useful trackers. They help me be more accountable, to improve my healthy habits.

Tanya W
Just what I needed!

This Health and Fitness Pack came right on time. I've been working out for a few months now with no real goals in mind, now that I have these sheets I am able to set goals, keep track of my daily habits and meals. I now feel confident knowing that I will reach my health and fitness goals! Thank you for thinking of our needs Heidi!

Emily Morrison
I love these fitness charts!

I am using these to count my steps, miles, meditation and yoga sessions. Thanks, Heidi!

Candace Cardiff
Using Charts

I have just started using the charts but so far they have been a good feedback tool. When my husband asks me what I am doing as I color in the charts, I tell him I am "playing". The charts are motivating but also fun and relaxing!


Health & Fitness Tracking Pack


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Visual Reminder So Helpful

Thank you so much for this free chart, I am glad I have something visual that is helping me see what I need to pay and what has been paid. Seeing the squares being coloured in really motivates me to keep paying it off.

I Paid Off -Blank-
Shenita Sikora

I Paid Off -Blank-

Great charts

love them

Keeps me on a debt free journey

Love it

I love it, because is keep you on track