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Down Payment Savings Game
Down Payment Savings Game

Down Payment Savings Game

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Saving up a Down Payment just got a whole lot more fun! 

Fill in the road as you get closer to your goal. 

How to:
Divide your total savings goal by 100 (the number of dashes on the road) and that is how much each dash represents. When you increase your savings, color in the dashes (and the road if you like) up to your new balance.

Color in all the houses right away, or color them along with coloring the road as you save.

"This is one I would stick on my fridge door, it's so pretty"


Prefer the term House Deposit? There's a chart for that!!!

Customer Reviews

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Game Changer!

I won't lie, I found this website through a TikTok where someone said they really helped her start paying off debt and seriously saving. This chart has really helped me shift my focus, as I used to feel like I was wallowing helplessly in bills, but now everything is visible at a glance. Keeping up with the "game" helps visualize everything for me and I no longer feel like a lost little puppy. Thanks for these charts, I not only will be out of debt by the end of 2021, but I have started saving towards really important things, such as my next car, a house, and most importantly, a really nice sewing machine!


Super cute, and perfect.




Down Payment Savings Game


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Paid off my Credit Cards Chart

I really like these charts because I like to see that I am making progress towards my debt payment plan. I also love to color.

Debt free charts

These charts are so helpful. It is actually nice having a visual of your debts and filling them in makes me happy

Absolutely love your custom doodles!

Thank you for creating such magical items!
I first got the wizard edition and now I am hooked. They keep me focused on my monthly sales goals and I am hoping you create a bridal edition, along with something metaphysical or crystal themed.
I have introduced your site to friends.
I also follow you on Instagram,

Waving 👋🏾 Hello and thanking you for great products.

@LoveMyAlannah 💜


I'm looking forward to this debt free journey & the printable sheets are a great motivator.

Great chart

I’ve made my chart A5 and I’ve put it in my book alongside my other charts. It’s easy to write numbers down for and track my progress.