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The Money Challenge Workbook

The Money Challenge Workbook

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This Workbook IS INCLUDED with the 2021 Money Challenge Year.

We ALL have stuff inside our heads that holds us back, tells us our dreams are only dreams, and sabotages our success.

This workbook is like peeling back the layers of an onion, every time you do them you'll uncover things that you didn't see before and learn something new about yourself and your relationship with money.

Keep peeling away at the onion, keep learning about how you deal with money, and watch your dreams begin to take shape.

Where did this Workbook originate?

Back in 2018 I held a live 7 Day Money Challenge. The live Challenge was a big hit, and thousands of people joined in to learn a new way to set goals and learn more about themselves in the process of reaching higher. They did amazing things in just 7 days, saving an average of $265!

I'm not doing the Live Challenge any more, so I turned the 7 Day Money Challenge into the Money Challenge Year, and took the powerful lessons I taught and created The Money Challenge Workbook.

Want the Money Challenge Year pages for your planner too? You can get both the Workbook and the Yearly pages in a bundle Here.

 Every page is designed to start shifting what you believe is possible in your money life. And what you believe is possible determines what is possible for you.

When you begin to really challenge yourself, to reach for bigger dreams, you'll discover how powerful you really are.

  • Learn a totally new way to set Goals that actually works
  • Discover more money than you knew you had
  • Learn the one thing that makes you fear failure and eliminate it
  • Discover why you deal with money the way you do
  • Learn what is holding you back from success and how to let it go
  • 8 lessons to get you out of overwhelm and into action
  • 8 powerful exercises that can transform your relationship with money
  • Read digitally, or print out this beautiful workbook
  • 32 pages total


This is included in the All Access Pass (Login to the AAP website and go to the Other Goodies tab)


This is a PDF Download that you can access immediately and print yourself. 





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2461 reviews
Love them!

We absolutely love these charts and use them for lots of things

Starter Emergency Fund
Phyllis Hutchinson

I printed off a chart to track my Emergency Fund. It’s motivating for me to color in a line for each $20 I put in to build my fund! I use different colored bright markers, so it’s pretty, too!

I like them, they are cute

I Paid off my Credit Card
Tammy Stevenson
I paid off my credit cards

Love these printable pages. I am a visual person and it helps to keep me motivated watching my debts decrease.

Ivon sanchez
fun charts

I loved the charts. I downloaded a couple since I am dedicated to tackle my debt and build my emergency fund.