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Secret All Access Pass - Closed
Secret All Access Pass - Closed
Secret All Access Pass - Closed
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Secret All Access Pass - Closed

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I've got the door cracked open for you, but only until 10PM Pacific TONIGHT!

Paying off your debt is only the beginning - Fire up your Motivation and reach ALL your Money Goals!

Get access to All The Things for only $39!

The All Access Pass gives you:

  • All the charts in the entire Library - because you're not messing around, you've got GOALS to reach!
  • Early access to New Charts every single month, weeks before they are made public
  • Exclusive Monthly Bonuses - each one designed to help you reach your goals faster!
  • For a full year (from date of purchase)

Visually tracking ALL your money goals is the KEY to making fast progress.

I see so many people lose steam once the debts are paid off and they move on to saving a big emergency fund. The urgency is gone, the belt isn't as tight, there is more money in the budget, and slowing waaaay down is all too common.

Now most of us do need the space to take some deep breaths after all that hard work to pay off debt, but it can be soooo hard to get that momentum back. 

You can get that momentum back! That's where the All Access Pass comes in.

When you start setting those savings goals, and see those lines, boxes, and doodles filling up, it's a new kind of satisfaction. A satisfaction that your finally seeing the fruits of your labor. You don't fall back into instant gratification mode, you decide what matters most to you and you choose to save for what you want. 

If you want to build new money habits, habits that benefit you now and into your future, then tracking ALL your financial goals is KEY. 

So why should you get the All Access Pass instead of just buying the individual charts you want?

Well, you could do that, and if you only want a chart or two, that's fine. But I'm betting you've got lots of goals, am I right? You want to take the family on a cruise, save up for a new car, contribute to your retirement, pay for your kids' college, save for a home, and so much more.

If that sounds like you, then this is what the All Access Pass will do for you:

  • Save Money - If you love these charts and want them for all your goals (and your kids' goals, and your vacation goals...) at just $29 for a full year the AAP will save you money over buying individual charts.
  • Reach ALL your goals - Having a chart for every goal keeps you focused on the right things so you can smash each and every one of them.
  • Find the charts that work for you - No need to hem and haw over which chart will work best for you (should I use the big words or the game chart for my car savings? or maybe I should get a generic chart I can use for several goals...), you get them all, so try them all.
  • Get Exclusive Bonuses - Each month you'll get exclusive bonus printables not found in the store,, like habit trackers and challenges, that help you do the things you need to do to reach your goals.

What some of our Debt Free Charts family are saying:

"Thank you Debt free charts... you helped us pay off over 10k in debt and cash fund our expensive move, my maternity leave, and some travel (over 9k) in one year!" - Emily

"I cannot thank you enough for these charts, it may sound silly, but I giggle when I get to color in a couple of spaces." - Muriel

"It's so much fun filling this in! Seeing the progress visually like this gets me so much more motivated." - @debtfreenewlywed

So what exactly do you get with an All Access Pass?

  • Exclusive AAP only bonuses - Every month there is a new bonus printable just for AAP members, like habit trackers, planner pages, calendars, and more. 
  • ALL the Savings Charts - Over 65 of them so far, with more always in the works. In both Original and Outline versions (only original shown). You get to download ANY charts you want, for a whole year! 
  • ALL the Coloring Pages - 16 top quality, artist designed coloring pages featuring great quotes to keep you inspired. Great for using in your budget binder or putting up on your fridge. Print as many copies as you want!
  • Monthly Challenge Packs - Challenge yourself to reach higher every month. (These packs alone could make a $2000 difference in your debt free journey!) AKA The Challenge Year.
  • All the Coming Charts in the next 12 months - That's right, all the charts that are added to the store in the next year will also be added to the All Access Pass, INCLUDING the popular new Game style charts and the brand spanking new Doodle charts.
  • Early Access - Be the first to get your hands on fun new additions, weeks before they are added to the public store.
  • For a FULL YEAR - Yep, for just $29 you get a full year's access (from the date of purchase).


Plus, as a Bonus just for All Access Pass members you also get this Make My Coffee Challenge tracker to help you have a little fun with your savings while skipping the expensive coffee habit. This is NOT available in the store.

Exclusive AAP Bonus Make My Coffee Challenge Tracker

    If you were to individually buy all the coloring pages and charts, including the new ones coming in the next year, it would cost you well over $150 - the All Access Pass makes the charts so affordable it's a no-brainer.

    Just imagine what it is worth to you to finally reach ALL your financial goals? To reach them faster? How many months can you shave off your financial journey if you can stay focused?

    The motivation to reach your goals faster is priceless.

    If all the All Access Pass did for you was keep you focused for one month to make different choices with your money, imagine how much more progress you could make! Now multiply that by 12 months! Wow! 

    You have so many money goals, track them ALL!


    Your investment is fully backed by our 90 Day Guarantee!

    I don't want unhappy money or unhappy customers. If you don't believe that your $29 investment in the All Access Pass has given you more focus and faster progress toward your goals, if you are not satisfied with the quality, or for any other reason, just email support@debtfreecharts.com within 90 days to request a full and complete refund.


    How do I get my charts?

    When you check out, create an account using the email address you checked out with (if you use PayPal, you MUST use your PayPal linked email address when creating your account), and when complete, you can login and navigate to All Access Pass Members (in top menu), where all the charts will now be listed at $0. You can then add any chart or coloring page to your cart and checkout like before, but all will go through as Free. Click the "Continue to Payment Method" button, and it will skip forward since you don't need to enter anything. Your download links will be on the confirmation page and emailed to you.