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Emergency Fund Tracking Chart
Emergency Fund Tracking Chart
Emergency Fund Tracking Chart

Emergency Fund Tracking Chart

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This is a fun little Emergency Fund chart, because sometimes just having it be cute helps.

Use for all levels, from your very first $1000 Starter Emergency Fund all the way up to a full year's expenses in a massive Fully Funded Emergency Fund.

There is plenty of room on the piggy for you to write in your goal too!


Both the Original black background and the Outline versions are included, you get both automatically! 


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Andrew in Florida
What happens when I have to use my Emergency Fund?

I like the visual aspect of saving and paying down debt! It's exciting and motivating to see those empty blocks fill up with color. However, when I have to use some (or all) of my Emergency Fund, do I have to start over with a new chart? There's not really anyway to "go backwards" with out starting over on a new chart. Any thoughts?

You can start a fresh chart, or you can pause filling it in until you ‘catch up’ with where it was filled in before you needed to use some of the funds. That’s why I provide a download and don’t send charts in the mail, so that you can reprint as needed.


I became debt free 2019 and we used many of your debt free charts for our goals. It was a great visual that really encouraged us to meet our goals. I have a friend who is just starting her debt free journey and I printed a couple debt free pages, hoping it’ll encourage her the same way it encouraged me and my family!

I love visuals!

Fantastic product! I can see how small steps can make a big impact.

Sheryl Watson

Emergency Fund


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This keeps me going and thankful for it

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Otoniel Aguirre
Keeping me on track!

I printed them out and have them both laminated to use a expo to color each square.


Charts like these are great for me so I can see the process im making easily Would def recommend

Love it

Those are so good love that I can see how I’m doing with my debt