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Big Emergency Fund Game (International)

Big Emergency Fund Game (International)

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Put the FUN back in Emergency Fund by making savings a game!

No more losing steam in Babystep 3, this chart will keep you motivated and inspired to reach your goal. Finish level 6 and you've hit your savings goal! Get everyone in the family excited to save, and even get the kids involved. I bet everyone will want to color it in. Good thing it's a printable, you can print one for every family member to color their own copy. There is no better way for a family to all stay excited about reaching your Emergency Fund savings goal.

This is the International variant that does not have the $ sign, fill in your own currency :)

Simply divide your total goal by 100, that is how much each space is worth. For every 25% there is a marker to fill in. As your Emergency Fund savings balance goes up, color in the spaces up to your new balance. Hit the 25th space and you are at 25% of your goal.


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