All Access Pass - Monthly
All Access Pass - Monthly
All Access Pass - Monthly
All Access Pass - Monthly
All Access Pass - Monthly
All Access Pass - Monthly
All Access Pass - Monthly
All Access Pass - Monthly

All Access Pass - Monthly

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Fire up your Motivation and reach ALL your Money Goals!

Coloring in your goals as you reach them has a unique motivation and satisfaction. And now you can get access to EVERYTHING for just $7 per month!

With dozens of new charts and beautiful coloring pages coming, you won't have to pick and choose, you can have them all! 

"Each line I colored in was a small win of it's own and kept me so motivated to reach the top." - @EllieMondelli

"We have a longggggg way to go but seeing these charts fill up gives me hope..." - @kickthedebtjournee

"It's so much fun filling this in! Seeing the progress visually like this gets me so much more motivated." - @debtfreenewlywed

Your whole family can get in on the coloring with coloring pages of inspiring sayings. What a great way to get the family involved and start the conversation about money and savings with even your youngest kids. 

So what exactly do you get with an All Access Pass?

  • ALL the Savings Charts - Over 65 of them so far, with more always in the works. In both Original and Outline versions (only original shown). You get to download ANY charts you want, forever! 
  • ALL the Coloring Pages - 16 top quality, artist designed coloring pages ($2 each in the store) featuring great quotes to keep you inspired. Great for using in your budget binder or putting up on your fridge. Print as many copies as you want!
  • NEW Monthly Challenge Packs - Now you can challenge yourself to reach higher every month. (These charts alone could make a $2000 difference in your debt free journey!)
  • All the Upcoming Charts - That's right, all new charts will also be added to the All Access Pass, INCLUDING the popular new Game style charts and the brand spanking new Doodle charts. As long as you remain a member, you'll get access to anything new automatically.
  • Early Access - Be the first to get your hands on fun new additions to the store.

If you were to individually buy all the coloring pages and charts, including the new ones coming in the next year, it would cost you over $150, but the value is at least 10X that!

The motivation to reach your goals faster is priceless.

If all the All Access Pass did for you was keep you focused for one month to make  different choices with your money, imagine how much more progress you could make!

Get access to All The Things for only $7! 

Want to save 65%? Get the Yearly All Access Pass for only $29!



How do I get my charts?

When you check out, create an account using the email address you checked out with (if you use PayPal, you MUST use your PayPal linked email address when creating your account), and when complete, you can login and navigate to All Access Pass Members (in top menu), where all the charts will now be listed at $0. You can then add any chart or coloring page to your cart and checkout like before, but all will go through as Free. Click the "Continue to Payment Method" button, and it will skip forward since you don't need to enter anything. Your download links will be on the confirmation page and emailed to you.